8 Songs, 51 Minutes


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Fabulous Guided Relaxation for Kids!

OMazing Kids

Here's what I LOVE about these guided relaxations:
* Lovely calming voices..... I've heard LOTS of guided relaxation CD's and the voice quality is very important for creating a calming atmosphere.
* Awesome background instrumental music..... again very important for creating the calming atmosphere.
* Good length for the targeted ages.
* Each guided relaxation is full of positive imagery and positive messages.
* There are no religious connotations which make these downloads appropriate in a wide variety of settings (I have to be particularly sensitive to this based on the setting I work in).

These guided relaxations would be fabulous for parents to use as part of a relaxation program for a child with anxiety, autism or other special needs, for teachers to use as a relaxation activity to center and calm their classroom & for kids yoga teachers to use as part of Savasana at the end of a class. And these guided relaxations are really "universal" in their use. There is nothing "kiddie" about them and would also be fabulous for adults to use as part of a relaxation break. I have them all loaded on my iPhone ready for just that purpose!
Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
Speech-Language Pathologist
Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC - inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities
Facebook: OMazingKidsYoga

Narrator's voice is not soothing

Mercy Brown

The quality of the guide's voice is very nasal and sort of grating. Too bad because the guided meditation itself is otherwise fine. I was dumb and didn't preview. My kid who normally enjoys listening to guided meditation asked me to turn this off after five minutes.



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