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346 Ratings
David Biddle

Someday We'll Know...

If you're ever in a music one upsmanship debate about the best albums of all time (I'm 48, I've had my share of these), MAYBE YOU'VE BEEN BRAINWASHED TOO is a killer shot across any know-it-all's bow. Only discerning listeners with memories know about this truly remarkable album. And it is remarkable. Each song is a cornucopia of melodies and changes; the lyrics are in your face and full of personal political punch; and the production work that Gregg Alexander, et al put into this record make it one of the top five from the Nineties in my book. If you disagree, that's fine...as long as you've really listened. Too bad Gregg burned out and has ceased performing and recording. He is one of the more happy inventors who came through the 90s. The music of the 21st century needs him.


I can honestly say new radicals are one of my fav artist of all time

WOW, i don't know where to begin on how much i love this album, I have had this CD for like 3 years and I listen to sooo many bands and am always drawn back to this one and am just permanently obsessed with this band and album (sadly their ONLY album). Honesly EVERY SONG is amazing, and I do not say that about CD's, you just slmost lose yourself in the songs. I tell everybody to get it and when your feeling really stressed out to turn up the volume really loud and it will clear your mind and put you at ease. I know each song through and through and cannot THINK of anything negative to say about the album, it is a sound that any music lover will appreciate. The lyrics, vocals, and sound are nothing short of amazing. I can honestly tell you that you WILL NOT be unsatisfied, and you may think this review is a little over kill, well get the album and you will see I didnt justify it enough. My favorite songs are.."crying like a church on Monday", "I don't wanna die anymore", and Gotta stay high". I've never introdiced this bad to anyone without them being totally intrigued, people of all ages and music preferences. All I can say is go get this album and it will be one of the best music purchases you will EVER make.


Five Stars Aren't Enough

If I were going to be marooned on a desert island with only 5 CD's, this is one I'd take! I never get tired of listening to it. The songs are all different, and the sounds of each, both in the foreground and background keep them fresh. The whole CD is worth downloading. Track 2 was on commercial radio, but Track 1 should have been also, and Track 6. Out of five stars, I give it a 6+++!

About New Radicals

A pop/rock group that was formed in the late '90s but was heavily influenced by the rock and soul of the 1970s, the New Radicals are the creation of singer/producer/songwriter Gregg Alexander -- a native of Grosse Point, MI (near Detroit). Growing up in Michigan, Alexander started listening to both rock and R&B extensively as a child and was only 12 when he acquired his first electric guitar. After high school, he traveled around the U.S. and lived in both New York and Los Angeles. It was in L.A. that he formed the New Radicals, which signed with MCA in 1997 and soon got to work on Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too -- a 1970s-minded CD that came out in October 1998. Alexander did all of the producing and arranging and most of the songwriting on the promising album, which was the group's sole release. After scoring the hit "You Get What You Give," he disbanded the New Radicals to focus on production work. ~ Alex Henderson

Los Angeles, CA



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