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4.7 out of 5
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15 Ratings
RicSimonis ,

Had it on 8-Track!

Grew up listening to this album on 8-Track tape (yes I know that makes me old). Wore it out and its subsequent transfers to cassette. Was relieved when it was available on CD for the first time in the early 90's. It is the best of early Styx. It contains the original recorded version of "Lady'. I can't really listen to individual songs, I have to run the entire album through. Not a bad track to be found.

Da Crusher ,

The 2nd and the best of Wooden Nickel releases.

Developing into what they would be known as a 3 headed vocal/writting group, this album is the best of their Wooden Nickel years and almost as good as Equinox, the last album with JC. This really is Styx at their best. Youngs "You Need Love", DeYoung's "Father OSA" and Curulewskis "A Day" prove that the group was really coming into their own with song writting. Straight up rock numbers and progressive songs again, they were considered Amercia's answer to the British prog bands at the time. Lady became a hit a couple years after this album was released. Even with Lady off the album, this really showed what the band was and what was going to come in the mid to late 70's.

God of Thunder ,

The best of the Wooden Nickel albums

The Wooden Nickel albums were in genera hit and miss. Styx didn't really become great until they brought in Tommy Shaw. This is the best of them all. Two of my top 10 Styx songs are on this album: "A Day," which is a prog rock masterpiece by Shaw's predecessor (I forget his name), and "Father O.S.A.," possibly Dennis's most brilliant song ever. This album also has their first top 10 hit "Lady," which is still a live favorite. It also has "Earl of Roseland," a cool song which gives you some insight on the life of the band members before they created Styx. I even dig the first song, even if it is a little over blown.

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