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Lackluster, ballad-heavy collection

This album tends to favor Burton's ballad side. After a solid "Albert Flasher", the program bogs down with a bunch of slow dirges. He could have gone deep into the Guess Who catalog for material that lends itself to a solo piano setting, like the jazzy "Nashville Sneakers" (from Rockin') or the haiku-like "Eye" (from Flavours); instead, he plays it safe. Vocally, he does OK within his diminished range, but it's definitely not Live At The Paramount. In the CD liner notes, Cummings is in a pensive mood, nostalgic for the pre-stardom days with The Deverons. This wistful vibe carries into the performance as a whole. Burton was never really meant to be a solo artist; he did his best work when he had a Randy Bachman, Kurt Winter or Domenic Troiano to bounce ideas off. If you're a Guess Who completist or you like the mellower side of Burton, you'll enjoy this; otherwise, pass it up.

jillybean 47


I own this album, very good. Please, put his Sweet Sweet album on iTunes.


Mostly for completists

Unfortunately, by the time Cummings recorded this album, he had lost quite a bit of his voice. Instead of hitting the high notes, he constricts his throat, generating a rather annoying, edgy sound. You'll hear much the same on the album "Running Back Through Canada", recorded a few years later with a re-united Guess Who. (That album is still well worth getting, however!)

I enjoy this album, both for the music and for what Cummings says between songs. And if you're a big fan of Cummings and the Guess Who, you'll probably enjoy it, too. But if you're not already a fan, this won't make you one.

About Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings, born in Winnipeg in 1947, played with the Devrons before joining the Guess Who as lead vocalist in 1965. Cummings spent ten years with that band, but left for a solo career, releasing a self-titled album in 1976. The single, "Stand Tall," sold over a million copies. He has also released My Own Way to Rock (1977), Dream of a Child (1978), Woman Love (1980), Sweet Sweet (1981) and Plus Signs (1990). ~ John Bush

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
December 31, 1947



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