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23 Ratings

Thy Will Be Done= Trend Free Metal


This song rips! Thy Will Be Done at it again! One of the best metal bands out there that is about to blow up! Just saw them tear it up at Orion Fest with Metallica! These guys are unreal! Met them after the show and they were super nice!

Apathy for sure.. but keep reading.


This song represents yet another .99 cents I will never be able to get back...

But for once, I'm actually okay with this. Thy Will Be Done delivers once again. If you haven't checked these guys out, you really owe it to yourself to do so. Your ears may bleed (just a lot), but they'll thank you after they've healed, I promise.

metal for my ears


Was introduced I these guys by XM Radio. And these guys can lay down metal that very few can, the beats, rythm, DROPS, and Ghe list goes on.. I'm waiting to to catch these guys at another venue I pay my respects too some Great metal prodigies! WE NEED MORE FROM Y'ALL!!!!!

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