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4.9 out of 5
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204 Ratings
brute528 ,

Exceptionally Excellent, Extravagant, and Explosive Emery

My favorite band, so I'm biased, but I really love this album in the line-up. It sifts towards the top for me alongside The Weak's End and I'm Only a Man.......It's everything you expect from Emery, but not in a boring, same as expected way, or same 3 taco bell ingredients re-arranged type of way. It's fresh, clean, and raw and everything you love about Emery, done on their own terms. It feels of classic The Weak's End raw-ness, The Question and I'm Only a Man's rhythm, with We Do What We Want's hard hitting screams and guitars. It's classic emotive lyrics that touch the human heart-condition like always, excellent time changes, rhythms, classic overlapping and doubled Emery vocals, and gut-wrenching expressive screams. I really love the clean guitars in this......side note: These guys remind me I'm human and honestly help me love God more, my imperfection is not a disappointment to God nor a reason to shy away from Him, I'm not alone in that, and most importantly, that God expects my humanity and desires more.....Also, check out their podcasts. They're excellent and delve into topics we're afraid to talk about or share with others. While I think it's excellent practice to hold people's beliefs of Jesus and His way next to the Bible and what Jesus actually said about Himself, I believe comments about Emery "redefining Christianity" are faslse and likely left by those who have yet to listen to any of the podcasts and only take the titles at face-value and assumption. We all know what "assuming" does, right?

Griffin462 ,

They've done it...AGAIN!!!

I was a contributor so I received the entire album early and this is a masterpiece!!

Speekins ,

Eat your heart out Katy Perry

These guys make music with a purpose and not just to release an album for the sake of releasing an album. The composition is thoughtful and professional, the lyrics are poignant, and the proceeds actually go to the artist themselves. You Were Never Alone is some of Emery's best yet!

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