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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.5 out of 5
256 Ratings

256 Ratings

btaznpride ,

Pretty Ricky-Bluestars

Consisting of singer Pleasure, rappers Slick Em, Baby Blue and Spectacular, the quartet forms Pretty Ricky. With successful singles, "Your Body" and "Grind With Me", Pretty Ricky releases their debut album, Bluestars off of Atlantic Records/Bluestar Ent.

Playhouse: Jim Jonsin's smooth backdrop has a corny hook from Pleasure of "we can play house, lay you on the couch" etc. Quite smooth which is why it works, as each member brings catchy lyrics that are also a little corny. Nice relaxing intro. 3.5/5
Your Body: Interesting production, it has a nice Miami summer vibe to it, Pleasure's hook is decent. Lyrically Spectacular's description is best. 4/5
Grind With Me: The radio smash and summer hit, Pleasure's soulful and sexy hook blends perfectly with the production. Slick Em's catchiness is helpful to this summer love jam. 5/5
Get A Little Closer: Pleasure's hook is nice, production was a little weak and this song was only decent. 3/5
Never Let You Go: Starts out as a smooth guitar laced beat that heads to a more uptempo rock influenced track. A nice change. 3/5
Juicy: Sexy smooth and slow, describe this track. Pleasure shines with Static Major backing him up. Spectacular's deep voice works here. 3.5/5
Call Me: Really liked this track, Slick Em is on point and the hook is catchy. 3.5/5
Nothing But A Number: The last single that didn't chart well, a little corny with the whole "age ain't nothin but a number" hook but it's slow and sexy like "Juicy". 3.5/5
Grill Em: Didn't like this track too much, just didn't work. 2/5
Get You Right: Pleasure has a great hook and the vibe is nicely done. Sweet and sexy. 3.5/5
Chevy: The production gets a little tiresome and its a little too busy. Baby Blue's verse is bad and off topic. 2.5/5
I Want You (Girlfriend): One of my favorites, the summer feel is nice and the hook is catchy. All members bring their best and the chemistry is great here. 4/5
Shorty Be Mine: Another top track, Pleasure adds soulfulness and this was an uptempo yet smooth track. 4/5
Can't Live Without You: The reflective track that describes what they need to do and how they need to get their girls back. 3.5/5

Pretty Ricky delivers a solid debut, that is string filled with R&B backdrops. Jim Jonsin & Big D handle most of the production, with others contributing a track or so. Most of the tracks here are about sex, which gets tiresome, despite how smooth and nice sounding it may seem. When they do branch out, however is when they struggle "Chevy" and "Grill Em" where the weakest tracks. "Grind With Me", "Your Body" and "I Want You (Girlfriend)" all have great summer vibes. "Juicy", "Nothin But A Number", "Call Me" and "Shorty Be Mine" work nicely also. Solid album, I look for them to have different topics next time around however.
Rating 7 out of 10

Twixx n' da Mixx ,

so seductive

they had me with "grind with me". i went and got the album during the first week it came out.
i listened to the whole cd, now im in love with pretty ricky. the beats, the lyrics, the singing just got me in the zone. my favorite song is "get you right". if you listen to this album, listen to it with a stereo with some heavy bass. this joint is likes dat! now i don't like to be bothered when pretty ricky is playing, cuz i'll have some thoughts going thru my mind. they gon mess around and get somebody in trouble, if you know what i'm sayin. they better come out with another album.

L.A. ,

sex music

whats up just stoped to let you know that pretty ricky is the best right now.I didnt never think this but ya'll muzic iz better than bowwow and b5 they good but yall better.it get me in tha mood with my boyfriend. my favoite songs are 1) juicy, 2)nothing but a # and playhouse. But 4real this whole cd iz a hit keep up tha good work and lov yall and spectacular i lov u cause my boyfriend look like u but keep makin good music pretty ricky

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