12 Songs, 57 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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5 out of 5

24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Paul's heart is in the right place, still.


This is a wonderful new collection of worship and praise music. He takes scripture and adds notes. Thank you Paul. God bless you.

Worship Leader

Kevin Barnett

Paul's music has inspired and ministered to thousands. He has inspired me as a songwriter. Many of my songs were penned just listening to his music and his knowledge and advise on worship. This new batch of songs brings a fresh new sound for Paul and his music. These songs will be sung in churches all over the world! Excellent!

Your Mercy

Ron 6756

Another great collection from one the best writers and collaborators around today.

About Paul Baloche

This singer first began his interest in music after being introduced to the Beatles at an impressionable age. Growing up in a French Catholic family, Paul Baloche learned how to play guitar during his junior-high-school years. After high school, he performed in and around the southern New Jersey club circuit, gradually graduating into Philadelphia and Atlantic City clubs. At the same time, he met his wife Rita, a country & western singer. During this time, both Baloche and his wife had born-again experiences and moved to California. Baloche studied music at the Grove School of Music where he met popular Christian musical artists such as Kelly Willard. Influenced and inspired by his work, the musician moved to Garden Valley, TX to work with the Last Days Ministries. While working there, he would pray with fellow musicians before singing and creating such praise through song. After four years of working and creating, Baloche and wife relocated to California and he became the music pastor of the Community Christian Fellowship. He created a series of small, independently produced live albums there, including First Love. In 1992, Baloche released his label debut, He Is Faithful, on Hosanna! Music. He has performed in Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa, among other places. Baloche also does speaking engagements in addition to his musical endeavors. In a 1998 interview with The Tyler Morning Telegraph, Baloche described his music career as "journaling his process of his walk with the Lord." He currently resides in Lindale, TX and continues to lead worship at Community Christian Fellowship, where he's been serving since the early '90s. ~ Jason MacNeil




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