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This Emotion Intelligence Bundle consists of Christopher Westra's Positive Emotions List App and Negative Emotion Lists App.

Get the best Positive Emotion words (over 300) with definitions, for Children, Parents, Counselors, Teachers, and everyone. Increase your Emotional IQ, manifesting skills, and relationships.

As you learn to name your emotions, you become more skilled at creating the emotions you desire. You can use this list of emotions and definitions to help expand your awareness. You can also add your own Positive Emotion terms to the app!

You increase your power by feeling dynamic rather than fine, energetic rather than OK, and sensational rather than simply good. This Positive Emotion List was designed for use with Christopher Westra’s Holographic Creation Process and the Holographic Creation Sheet, and I Create Reality App.

I’ve been amazed at the popularity of this list. People really want to connect with their emotions. This list is even more powerful than previous ones as the list has been built up with new emotional terms. You now get 307 Positive Emotions and Definitions (and even more, once you add your own).

How will this emotion list increase your manifesting skill?

It’s easy. You need to learn to focus on the emotions you want. We all want certain things, but most people don’t know WHY they want them. We want things in our life because we think that they will give us the emotions we want. For example, you may want a new car because you THINK it will give you the feelings of power and confidence that you really want.

This is because emotions set up the “Attraction” part of the “Law of Attraction”. You may have heard that “Like attracts Like” and this is certainly true. What this means is that you attract power with power, confidence with confidence, and love with love.

This also means that you can’t attract power from a feeling of powerlessness, confidence from a feeling of doubt, or love from feeling abandoned.

To gain clarity, for every desire you have, ask yourself, “What emotion do I think I will achieve if I get what I’m desiring?”

Now, why would you want a Negative Emotions List? Well, I'll tell you.

It is all fine and dandy to know your positive emotions and increase your Emotional I.Q. that way. You can also use the positive emotion words to literally increase your manifesting skills!

However, negative emotions are a part of our earth experience also, so let me give you a little tip. The fastest way to get over and through your negative emotions (to more positive emotions) is to identify them, feel them fully, and then let them change into something else.


Emotions are "in motion" and will change and move as long as you don't get stuck in them.

When you can identify and name the emotion you are feeling, whether it be cowardly, cynical, contrary, or conceited, you can get through it faster. This Negative Emotions List, along with my Positive Emotions List, have been popular for many years. You get 413 Negative Emotion Terms, even more than the Positive Emotions List App.

Your Emotional I.Q does not only pertain to the positive emotions, but to the emotions we consider “negative” also.

You can call them "Teaching" emotions if you like, because you can always learn from them!

I sure do.

When you do feel Abandoned, Abused, Adrift, or Accused, you'll know what you are feeling and gain some clarity.

Go ahead and Feel that negative emotion, and get through it as quickly as possible. Don't get stuck! That's just dumber than mud to want to stay in your negative emotions and wallow in them.

So give this App Bundle a whirl - You’ll get both the Positive Emotions List App, and the Negative Emotions List App. You can also add your own positive and negative emotions and definitions right into the apps, and build your awareness and skills that way.


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