The 17BII-Pro calculator application is a extensive set of menus and enhancements builded over a modified simulation of the real HP-17BII Business Consultant calculators by Hewlett Packard with more functions than the real one in a beautiful high definition interface.

The 17BII-Pro works in the same way of the real calculator. But, more functionalities were added, some were modified and others deleted in order to offer a calculator with the best user experience in the modern iOS devices.

Scientific & Math functionality:
- Angles & Polar: Angular conversions units ‘from’ or ’to' Deg, Rad, Grad, degree-minute-second and % slope.
- Complete set of common scientific functions (Trig., Hyp, Log, etc.)
- Complex Math: Operations and functions with complex numbers stack.
- Curve Fitting: six regression models to fit a curve over a two selected data- lists.
- One and two variables statistics.
- Probability Distributions: Normal, t-Student, Exponential & Weibull distributions.
- Triangle solution for ASA, SAS, SSA & SSS data.
- Fundamental Universal Constants fron NIST-CODATA.
- Units Conversion: Adds a powerful and completely customizable physical units conversion.
- Units Editor: Add, delete, edit and order the units and categories.
Financial & Business functionality:
- Black-Scholes OVM: Calculates “Call” & “Put” options prices of European Options.
- Bonds Price & Yield: with Annual or Semiannual coupons and Actual or 30/360 calendars.
- Cash Flows Calculations: Calculates NPV,i%,IRR%,NFV,MIRR, NUS, etc. over cash flows series.
- Cash Flows Editor: Create, Edit, Save & Load cash flows series.
- Currency Exchange: All world currencies with actual online rates from google finance.
- Depreciation with DB, SOYD or SL methods.
- Interest conversion with effective rate comparison for up to three nominal rates.
- Margins & Break-Even: calculate business margins and production break-even over all variables.
- Percent Change and Percent Total.
- TVM calculations: “Time Value of Money” problems for loans, amortizations, mortgages, etc.
- Tip & Bill Split: Calculates tips over a bill and split the total amount over participants.
Other General functionality:
- Data-List Editor to create, edit, save & load data values for CFLO and SUM calculations.
- Date & Time: Perform calculations over date and time variables.
- Equation Solver for any variable given the others.
- Memory Content: View All with Backup & Restore through text emails.
- Settings: Customize many settings, including formats, sounds, interface, etc.
- Help Documents: A complete set of short documents with examples of all menus.

System requirements: iOS 11.0 or above.


What's New

Version 5.1

- Correction regarding the application of Bond “End-of-Month” convention calculation.
- Correction in the label of third calculated value in the triangle solution menu.

Ratings and Reviews

4 out of 5

38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Simply the Best Financial Calculator (and more)

Buckaroo Bonzai

I just found this marvelous emulation if my beloved HP17BII+ and it's better -- much better-- than the real one! For those who are unfamiliar, the greatest feature of The HP17 Is the ability to write equations and have the calculator solve for any single missing variable. You can store tons of equations and they are much easier to type on the iPhone keyboard. I use it for many specialty functions in my manufacturing business including pricing of complicated custom made items. The HP17 is far superior to the HP12C (though it doesn't have the nifty key layout) and this version is far superior to the real thing. I use it several times an hour all day every day. Thank You for this!


Bermuda Bill

I love this app - just as I loved the real thing for so many years. There is one thing that would cause me to add a fifth star to my rating - haptic feedback. It’s difficult - if not impossible - to really know if a button really got pressed as it is on a real calculator. When I’m entering numbers I’m concentrating on the keyboard and not in the display so I often don’t notice that I didn’t click in exactly the right place.

I have my phone linked to my hearing aids by Bluetooth for phone calls so even though I have the click volume turned to the maximum the sound isn’t audible.

Most configurable calc out there


This app has a number of great standard functions (Time Value of Money, etc) but the Solver emulation is what sold me, and what I used extensively back when I had the HP hardware. Simply create your own equation with your variables, enter your variables and values and it will solve for the one value that is missing! And you can save as many of your own formulas as you like. I used it for figuring weights or lengths on roll goods but you can adapt it your own needs/profession. One of the most user-friendly calc apps imo.


Ricardo Lira Matte
20.3 MB
Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Ricardo Lira Matte


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