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> Have you ever felt your words fail to express your meaning while chatting on phone?
> Have you ever found your words were poor while chatting really high on phone?
> Have you ever found you can hardly find any emoji that are suitable for you in such a disorderly and unsystematic emoticon collection while you were trying to find some good chatting emoticons to chat with friends on phone instead of using boring words?

Choosing this app, everything can be so simple!
* You do not need to waste a lot of time and think over how to express your mind by words.
* You do not need to worry about that when would your chatting be interrupted because of your poor words.
* You even do not need to worry about that how to find a suitable emoticon for yourself in a wide range of emoticons, because this app have already provide you the functions of classify and searching which makes the emoticons as plain as daylight.

> You must have found that there are too many kinds of chatting emoticon applications in App Store, and you must have compared between some of them. Are you still looking for such“The best chatting app.”with a thought saying "Next app maybe better!" in your mind?

Do not hesitate any more, download this app now!Or you will miss such a good app again!!

Stop here and taste this app carefully, we believe it will bring you never-ending surprise!

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Versión 3.5

> Keyboard speed improvements
> Fixed some bugs

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5

1.7K valoraciones

1.7K valoraciones

Very Cool


This is the program I've been searching for and finally found. It's about time someone added certain types of characters for adults to use. This is not something I would let my kids mind you but for me it's perfect! I would recommend it to my friends for some high powered fun in messages. Finally emojis that will put a smile on your face or maybe a little romance in the message. It has quite the range and variety for all so download it now💋remember there are a few adult photos so keep an eye over your shoulder to make sure who is watching. Have som fun with your long distance relationship like I will be doing with mine. Spice things up so it doesn't get boring using the same old hearts and kisses.

Nice App

rsx type R

Good application to have, makes it easier to show emotions without having to write the whole expression in words. Makes it a lot easier to show what you are feeling without all the spelling of the words. Apparently I need to keeo writing in order to get access to use the full application. All I have to say is that it looks like a good application to have in case you need it one day to quickly what you are feeling or thinking, without all the time consuming typing of a full message on the keyboard of your phone, or maybe you don't have the time to type a text message or an E-mail.



How can someone write a review on an app that they don't get to use until they write a review? I don't believe the review can be honest and accurate if you don't even know how the app works. At this point I'm going to go ahead and write a review, just so that I can open and try the app. Hopefully I can come back and give an honest review/opinion! Here is another thought, I'm not sure how many words need to be used in this review... so I'm filling in at this point... ready, set, go… Blah blah blah and blah blah blah. I think that should do it and I hope someone reading the reviews doesn't get discouraged by this one looking so long!!!


Trivia John
66.4 MB
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Chino simplificado, Coreano, Inglés, Japonés
Clasificación 12+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia realista infrecuente/moderada
Contenido sexual o desnudez infrecuente/moderado
Palabras o humor obscenos infrecuentes/moderados
Consumo de alcohol, tabaco o drogas (o referencias al mismo) poco frecuentes/moderado
Información médica y de tratamiento infrecuente/moderada
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía infrecuente/moderada
Temas de horror/miedo infrecuentes/moderados
Temas para adultos/provocativos infrecuentes/moderados
© AA Emojis 2016 Ltd.
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