This app will help your child learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, which are necessary for reading. Learning the sounds of the letters gives your child the tools for reading and helps them become better readers. A matching phonetic photo image is matched with each letter to help your child learn the sound of each letter.

This app has many customizable features, including the ability to select which specific letters you would like you child learn.

Don’t waste your child’s time teaching them capital letters, which represent only 5% of the words in printed text. 95% of the printed word in books and periodicals is in lowercase letters. Give your child the smart start of learning lowercase letters first.

The sounds of the letters are what give children the tools for reading.
Just like counting skills are the foundations of addition, knowing the sounds of the letters are the foundations of reading. Contrary to popular belief and the current educational paradigm, teaching your child the names of the letters DOES NOT help your child learn how to read! TEACHING THE SOUNDS OF THE LETTERS DOES HELP YOUR CHILD LEARN HOW TO READ! Give your child the smart start of learning the sounds of the letters!

The repetition and rhythm of the words will help your child memorize the sounds of the letters.

The photograph images and colored letters will help your child in learning the letter sounds.

Children speak all the sounds and words.
Each letter will repeat its sound when touched.
Each photo will say its name when touched.
Most young learners child will enjoy repeating the sounds they hear on this app.

All distracting bells and whistles have been removed to allow your child to focus on the essential skill to be learned here-associating a letter with its most commonly occurring sound using photographs.

A team of educators using accelerated learning techniques and Montessori principles developed this app. It has been tested and used with preschool children. The children loved it and it helped them learn the letter sounds. Please give us your feedback and suggestions.

What's New

Version 4.2

The x sound plays after x words.
Bug fixed in settings where letters are selectable even when locked by admins.

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5

1.1K Ratings

1.1K Ratings

Good App with flaws


The app is a good idea but it has flaws. The man, woman, and child voices pronounce letter sounds differently. Some of the sounds said by the child voice are incorrect. It would be better if the letter was announced without having to press a separate button. There is no option to cycle through continuously without having to swipe.

Please note the developers response is not exactly relative to the statement I made. While it sounds “nice” it doesn’t address my concern about the app.

Developer Response

Yes, there are natural differences between voices. There are common misconceptions that give neutral vowels to many consonants, especially, the letters b, d, h, l, p. It is hard to say just the /b/ sound and not let it turn into "buh," which is inaccurate as this adds a neutral vowel. The sounds of the letters are automatically announced. The names of the letters require a separate button to help the children and parents remember that the most important thing about a letter is not its name, but is its sound. The pace of this app is designed to be slow and self-guided for young learners to work at their own pace and to explore as little or as much as they would like. This app is designed for young children not for adults.

L sound is incorrect?


I just can’t figure out what sound was the kid making for letter L. I played it over and over and it does not sound at all like the phonics for L.

Developer Response

If the child sound for the letter L is not working for you, there is a male and female voice. There is a common misconception that the letter L makes the "luh" sound, which is inaccurate as this adds a neutral vowel. We would not say, "luike" for the word like. L is the most difficult letter to correctly say the sound for. And it is the letter that is most judged as being wrong, especially for those not versed in phonics.

ABC Magic Phonics


This is a great app. For once we see a product get the educational concept of the alphabet and letter recognition RIGHT! Most presentations of the alphabet use capital letters and teach children the name of the letters. WRONG! Reading involves almost all lower case letters and in the process of learning to read and reading itself we never say the name of the letter. It is the sound that is important. This app presents the alphabet in the exact way that early learners need in order to learn it. It leads naturally to the next step of putting the sounds together to form words and eventually to reading.

The use of children's voices for the sounds of the letters and to pronounce the words provides meaningful models for young children who work with this app. Hearing other children pronouncing the words and making the sound will be a great encouragement for them to do it themselves.

All this and it is free. This is a great app that is sure to engage children and encourage them to want to read. Don't be fooled by it's simplicity. It is exactly what a young learners need - one concept presented well without any distractions from the intended objective.


89.7 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+


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