Activity Audit creates a journal of the applications you use on your Mac. The journal acts as an audit trail, documenting which applications you use and how long you use each one.

After just an hour, you will be amazed the information revealed by Activity Audit. After a day, you will gain new insights into your working pattern and how you spend your time on your Mac.

* Activity Audit and iCal

Activity Audit works seamlessly with Mac OS X's iCal to bring you a calendar of your activity. Each time you open an application, a calendar event is created. The event is automatically extended as the application continues to run. When you quit the application, the event is completed.

* Just One Click to Start

Activity Audit is easy to use; one click starts auditing. You can stop the audit at any time by clicking on the stop button, or by deleting the audit calendar.

* Exclude Applications and Folders

Sometimes you do not want to keep a record of certain applications. Activity Audit lets you create a list of excluded applications. Once listed, the application will not be included in the audit.

Activity Audit goes one step further. You can exclude entire folders of applications. If a folder is excluded, any application within that folder will be excluded from the audit.

* Battery and User Friendly

Activity Audit is careful to be friendly to your battery and processor. Activity Audit only audits while your Mac is being used. If you stop using your Mac, Activity Audit also stops. This clever behaviour ensures Activity Audit never unnecessarily burdens your battery.

Activity Audit is quiet and unobtrusive. Once started, Activity Audit runs invisibly in the background.

Designed to be started and left running, Activity Audit does not demand attention or alter your workflow. Start auditing, quit Activity Audit, and get on your with day.

What’s New

Version 1.1.6

- Fixed bug that could prevent stopping then starting auditing.
- Updated external links in software and documentation to `https://`

Ratings and Reviews

Zzyzx Oh ,

Nice Debugging Aid - Know What Was Running Back When….

This is a bit pricey for what it does, but it seems worth having if you are serious about determining what might be hanging your User Interface or causing that occasional crash and you aren’t sure if that certain browser was running, or maybe that graphics benhmark. I have come to my machine and see the UI locked at 11:30 and if I have to reboot I can go back to 11:30 and look at the system Calendar and see what was running. It gives me a jumpstart on knowing what to look for as I dig deeper.

This is also useful for seeing if “that App” you installed 15 months ago is just cluttering your disk. If you used it for 15 minutes and never touched it again, it might be time to move it off somewhere safe but not on your SSD boot drive.

I find it well done, but did take off one star for the price. I have a few other products that do other things and seem to be a bit more sophisticated and they are more often in the $3-5 range. (I would post those names, but I’m not certain that would be appreciated here.)

Even at the current price, I don’t feel abused, and I don’t mind supporting a developer or development team that produces a product that makes my life a little easier and puts it in the App Store. And, this simplifies life a little bit for a little b it more.

Darren S. ,

What a great app!

I keep this app running at all times and it's immensely helpful when I want to look back and see where I spent my time. It's simple and works beautifully. The only thing that I wish it had, is the ability to ignore applications that are open for less than a set amount of time. Often I'll launch an application to grab a bit of information and close it less than 60 seconds later; I do this kind of thing often enough that lots of one minute long events seriously clutter up my Activity Audit calendar, so if there was an option to automatically eliminate events shorter than one or two minutes that would be awesome.

Great app, keep up the good work!

noisy robot ,


Interesting idea simply executed. I frequently look back at time stamps on emails, process starts, etc. when I'm trying to record my day after-the-fact. This is another tool that might help, and I purchased on a whim.

Only records that an application is open, not that it is in forground and active, which limits the usefulness a bit. Would also be nice to select a non-local calendar.


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