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¡Ve más allá e investiga una secta misteriosa para salvar a tu amigo!

La mejor amiga de la detective Kate, Melissa Gray, ha desaparecido tras su cita "demasiado buena para ser verdad". Kate investiga y descubre que Melissa ha desaparecido en una secta misteriosa. Utiliza tu ingenio para resolver los puzles y meterte en la secta. Conoce a otros miembros de la secta y decide quién es amigo o enemigo. Adéntrate en la investigación del pasado sombrío de la secta y escapa con Melissa.

¡Únete a millones de jugadores de Aventura y Escape y comprueba si puedes resolver el misterio de la secta!

¡Juega a este juego de escape de alta calidad!

- ¡Atractivos gráficos dan vida a escenas inquietantes!
- Explora las bases de la secta y ¡desentraña la historia que hay detrás de este misterioso lugar!
- ¡Resuelve puzles enrevesados y adivinanzas!
- ¡Obtén todo el juego GRATIS! ¡Nunca te verás obligado a pagar!
- ¡Reúne las herramientas y artículos que te ayudarán a escapar!
- ¡Personajes memorables!
- ¡Encuentra objetos ocultos que te ayudarán a liberarte!

¡Descubre los secretos de Aventura y Escape: El Misterio de la Secta! ¿Puedes acabar con la secta y escapar antes de que sea demasiado tarde?


Versión 1.29

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- Fixed an issue in the first trial of the initiation room

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4.6 de 5
3 k valoraciones
3 k valoraciones
Dancelotta ,

Love Kate mysteries!

I have played almost all of the series of games plus a few of the others (library, spacecraft), and I enjoy them all! I don’t usually need to use the hints but occasionally find myself stuck. I like that you have to use your brain and think in order to solve the puzzles. With A lot of similar games, when you click on something it automatically solves the puzzle. I find these puzzles relatively easy to solve, after I’ve thought a few minutes about the clue. The only thing I wish were different is if all of the clue choices were laid out (or the game knew where you were in need of help) and I could get help on the specific place I needed help. Many times I have gotten past parts 1 & 2 of the “hints” and only need the last part, but have to use my stars to purchase the hints leading up to the final hint, when I have already figured those out. It wastes my stars! Other than that, I find the map helpful, as long as you pay attention to the places you have been, so. You know what building is what, Kate says where you need to go so you can find your way through the map relatively easily. Thanks for all the Haiku games! I will continue looking for new ones as they come out!

Husker Zach ,

Good puzzles and storylines.

The puzzles and level of difficulty of puzzles were challenging. I enjoyed the premise of escaping from a cult. But it was hard to feel that things were ever too dangerous for the protagonist when the Muzak is light bubblegum elevator/pharmacy midis. It didn’t really jive. In this case the game had enough cognitive dissonance between the actions/theme and the sounds that I had to just turn it off. I wanted something darker. Also everybody looked like they were out of a modeling magazine. I would have expected people to look more on skid row than off the pages of GQ or Maxim. Big Fish games have done well with creating sinister environs with creating scary immersive environments. I think more time should be examined here. Not sure if you want to have some hidden object game (HOG) elements to find some of the essential objects to build the MacGyver like contraptions to escape the danger/predicament.

Echilders ,


Great game so far. I’ve been enjoying the Haiku games and this is probably my fourth game I have downloaded. My only problem with this is that I hope the developers can solve a little problem that could really be helpful. In the little puzzle games that require us to make connections to open doors, for example, it would be really helpful to make the pieces lock once they are in the right place so that if the puzzle is especially difficult, the player doesn’t get discouraged and frustrated. Plus, it helps move the game along. If the developers could do this with ALL their games then I probably wouldn’t mind playing the games over and over again.


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208.7 MB
Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 9+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía infrecuente/moderada
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