Aeon Timeline 2 is the next generation of Visual Timeline Software, rewritten from the ground up to provide a fresh new User Experience.

It comes packed with features for creative writers, project management, case management, historians and student projects.


Whether you are in the opening stages of planning a novel, in the final stages of editing, or anywhere in between, Aeon Timeline has tools and features to help you understand your characters, avoid plot holes and inconsistencies, and visualise your story in new ways.

With Aeon Timeline 2, you can:
- Model not only the events of your story, but the backstory of each of your characters
- Capture relationships between events and your characters, locations, and story arcs
- Visually group events by character, location, or arc
- Calculate character ages for every event
- Create your own custom fantasy calendar if your story takes place off-world.
- Synchronise your timeline with your Scrivener project


A little like a Gantt chart but a lot more flexible, Aeon version 2 allows you to plan multiple projects and keep them up to date throughout their lifetime. We know that few plans can survive the first few weeks of activity, so we make editing and moving your plans intuitive and straightforward.

With Aeon Timeline 2, you can:
- Visually group events by project, employee, location, or resource
- Use dependencies to link events and maintain correct ordering
- With nested events, zoom in for detailed subtasks or zoom out for project overview
- Auto-calculate values such as a parent’s completion percentage or cost from child events
- Add your own custom fields that you wish to track for each event


Our pre-configured editable templates allow you to start a project for just about any reason.

Features for everyone include:
- Select from a range of pre-configured templates or create your own
- Add your own images, external links, notes and research to your events so that you have everything you need linked from a single location.
- Filter events by almost anything, so that you can narrow your focus when trying to identify and resolve specific conflicts
- Zoom to the time scale you wish to see: anything from billions of years to individual minutes and seconds.
- Add bookmarks within your timeline so that you can easily jump between key milestones.
- Choose from a number of timeline styles, including absolute dates, relative dates (Day 1, Day 2), and numeric timelines.
- Export your timeline to an interactive Web display, or to image and PDF formats
- Import CSV files to populate your timeline


You can view video screencasts of Aeon Timeline in action at


For application support, visit or email our support team at

What's New

Version 2.3.9

Version 2.3.9 provides the following changes:

- Increased color palette to provide users more choice and flexibility
- Fixed a bug that prevented dragging events into Scrivener/Ulysses binder from Relationship View
- Adjusted age shown for entities in the Inspector to have more detail, based on the precision of the dates
- Fixed a bug where external link images were not showing correctly on timeline
- Improved handling of existing event values when changing a property between types (e.g. percentage to boolean)
- Fixed a bug where external links were not correctly tracked through relative paths
- Fixed a bug where external links with non-ASCII characters in filename would not open
- Fixed a bug where external links were losing their titles
- Fixed bugs affecting a small number of user timelines that could not be opened after upgrading
- Fixed a bug where changing scroll behaviour did not take effect until the user next adjusted zoom
- Workaround bug in MacOS that caused some events to be stuck on the screen
- Fixed rare crashes when closing timelines
- Fixed issues with upgrading directly from very old version 1 files to version 2.3
- Fixed issue where deleting an event on iOS would not immediately sync across to Mac Desktop

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5

6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Second iteration much more intuitive and useful


I used Aeon Timeline 1 (the first iteration of this software) for an earlier novel and found it helpful, but tiresome. The learning curve was intense, and I spent much of my time figuring out the software instead of focusing on the framework for my story. This second iteration is much more intuitive and actually fun to use. Best of all, it’s intuitive enough that I can now focus on constructing my story through it. The relationship view is genius, and spares you the agony of zooming all the time in timeline view. My current novel is highly timeline dependent, with countless flashbacks and story arcs that rely on careful plotting — this software allows me to experiment with ideas before committing them to my more detailed outline in Omnioutliner 5. It also helped that I could download the software from Aeon’s website and try it before committing $50. (P.S.: I’m not a shill of the developers — just someone who wants to help other writers discover a piece of software that might be useful to them.)

This version is MUCH easier to use!


I was imagining something like this had to be available, but was so disappointed with the other options I tried. Couldn’t believe I finally came across this. Also, the linkage back to Ulyssess is much better than the linkage to Scrivener. This is a must-have. Makes it easy to work on timelines and text entries across Macbook and iMac and always have my latest changes at my fingertips.

stop changing the file format


keep changing the file format from .aeon to .aeon2 to .aeonzip. I have to save it as new file and replace the old one again and again, for every .aeonXXX file. It's not funny anymore!

Developer Response

Hi Lenhoco,
Until recently, Aeon Timeline 2 has had the same file format and extension (.aeon2) since its release in 2016.

For version 2.3, we needed to change to the new file format (.aeonzip) to support embedded images and attachments within the file. This was a common feature request, and was introduced to make it easier to share timeline files between computers, and in particular with our new iOS app.

We chose to use a new file extension to make this process more transparent for our users, so that they would be able to recognise updated files that cannot be opened in older versions.

To make this change as seamless as possible for users, this upgrade process happens automatically when you open an older "aeon2" file. The file is automatically updated to the new aeonzip format when the file is saved.

This is a one-time change that will happen automatically for you, and occurs only once for each file that needs to be upgraded. From that point on, you can continue to open and edit your new "aeonzip" file without further concern for the file format - there is no need to save as it as a new file again and again.

Note: as an added layer of protection, we create a backup of the older file alongside the new one, just in case there is an issue with the conversion process and you need to roll back for any reason. This backup file can be safely deleted once you are satisfied the updated file is operating correctly.


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