Introducing Agenda, an elegant new take on notes.

Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for iOS and macOS, which helps you plan and document your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future, driving your projects forward.

The notes in Agenda are beautifully styled, and include powerful features like tags, lists, and links. You can even connect your notes to events in your calendar.

Locating your notes also couldn't be easier, with powerful search, a project jump bar, and related notes list. And when you find what you're looking for, simply click back in the history to where you were.


Agenda’s unique timeline approach to organizing notes gives your projects momentum. While other apps focus specifically on the past, present, or future, Agenda is the only notes app that keeps track of each in a single timeline.

Add notes for what is currently on your agenda, while you prepare other notes for an upcoming meeting. Use older notes as breadcrumbs to remind yourself why you took the actions you did.


You can attach dates to individual notes, and even link them to events in your calendar. But you can also put them “On the Agenda”.

Notes that are On the Agenda are given special status. You can search for them more easily, and they get added to a special group in the sidebar so you can find them in a flash. Agenda keeps what is most relevant right in front of you.


Agenda is a styled-text editor. Styled text combines the best of plain text and rich text. It is as easy to edit as plain text, but allows meaning to be added, leading to visually stunning documents without breaking a sweat.

Styles include headings, lists, indented blocks, and preformatted text. You focus on the meaning of your notes, and leave Agenda to handle the appearance.

The resulting documents look fantastic, are consistently styled, and can be readily converted to other styled text formats like markdown and HTML.


Group your projects into categories to make them easier to find, and order the notes for each project however you choose. You can drag them around, apply dates, or use a mixed approach. You can also collapse notes to save space.


Do you sometimes find yourself using your task manager for more than it is intended?

Agenda is a notes app that has excellent support for tasks. It supports different list styles, including checklists, and allows mixing tasks with more extensive notes.

Best of all, your completed tasks don’t get sucked into the archive abyss when you are done with them, but are there for future reference and searching.


A notes app is not very useful if you can't share what you create. With Agenda, you can print and share notes, even whole projects, in standard formats like PDF, RTF and Markdown. You can also use the Agenda archive format to exchange exact duplicates of your notes with other Agenda users.


Nobody wants their data silo-ed on one device, so Agenda has apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they sync up via your iCloud account.


Agenda is free, with no time limits. You can use it forever, at no cost.

Agenda does offer extra premium features that require an In App Purchase. If you decide to purchase an upgrade, you permanently unlock all current features across all of your eligible devices. (You can purchase for iOS devices only, or both iOS and macOS.)

Even better, any features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are included, and permanently unlocked as well. All yours to keep.

What's New

Version 2.2.1

- Added support for iOS 12 and latest iPhones
- Introduced Siri Shortcuts for searching, creating notes, and opening notes and projects.
- Added initial support for x-callback-url (see below).

- The keyboard bar now avoids overlapping the home indicator on iPhone X.
- The keyboard bar could sometimes show tags and people jumbled up. That is now fixed.
- The chooser in the keyboard bar no longer gets chopped off in landscape orientation on smaller iPhones.
- In rare cases, the title of a project could draw on top of the notes. This has been fixed.
- When you toggle a checkbox, it no longer scrolls to the cursor. This was annoying if the cursor was offscreen.
- When entering links with markdown, sometimes the URL scheme could be lost. This has been fixed.
- The sharing panel for overviews like "On the Agenda" now works. (Previously it only worked for projects.)
- Category editing is possible even when system level text size is set to large.
- Fixed rare issue where paragraphs could end up out of order.
- Lines beginning with a tag or person are now properly positioned, instead of vertically displaced.
- Stability improvements.


- The URL scheme is "agenda"
- All query parameters should be percent escaped for use in the URLs.
- As usual, you can supply callback URLs via optional "x-success" and "x-error" parameters.



Opens the "On the Agenda" overview
Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/on-the-agenda


Opens the "Today" overview
Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/today


Opens the first project found with the title supplied

title - The title of the project to open

Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/open-project?title=High%20Tea%20Inc


Opens the first note found with the title supplied

title - The title of the note to open

Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/open-note?title=Meeting%20With%20Peta


Creates in a new note in an existing project, optionally with some content and a title

project-title - Title of the project which the new note will be added to
title (optional) - The title of the new note
text (optional) - Content to include in the new note, in markdown format

Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=High%20Tea%20Inc&title=Meeting%20Notes


Append some text to an existing note

title - Title of the existing note
text - The markdown text that should be appended to the end of the note

Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/append-to-note?title=Meeting%20Notes&text=All%20are%20present

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
551 Ratings
551 Ratings

A remarkable beginning

This app impressed me more out of the box than anything I have tried in a while. The changes from what loosely similar apps do seem at first incremental but are powerful in a way that opens up very plausible workflows. The key thing is turning a static collection of notes into something that can flow with your calendar - it took me a little while to grasp the intent, but when it clicked and I realized it is not just a notes app replacement I could imagine lots of immediate uses. It is well worth taking the time to find and learn all the features - there is quite a bit hiding under the slick surface (maybe I am slow, but it was the second day before I found the settings button on the right hand slide-in panel) and I already see several reviews complaining about the absence of things that are actually there in the program. You can’t insert images yet but I see from their blog it is likely in the pipeline along with other things, and I happily paid for premium. Thanks to the developers!



This will be a “I have never written a review before until now” type of review, which is true as I have never taken the time to review an app I’ve purchase/downloaded in the past. After using Agenda for the past week, I decided to make an exception. Agenda is a solid performing useful piece of software. I use it for my work and personal life. For work, I created a work log so I can start my day out with knowing what I have done and what I need to do. I connect my notes to a calendar event so I can track what items came out of the meeting and tasks which need completing. At the end of the day I review what was completed and note what still needs to be done. Rinse and repeat. I do the same for my personal life. I can do this with other apps too. Agenda is different because of the ease of use and all the great features included. Excellent job guys. Keep it up.


Simple, but so many options!

This app really has great features, I love being able to organize notes and projects this way. The text formatting is so great, and organizing notes, adding due dates, and being able to put specific notes and to do lists from multiple projects on the agenda is so convenient. I get scheduling, note taking, and to do listing all in one place.
I would love to see just a couple more features: support for handwriting notes (eg with apple pencil or other stylus) and linking relevant documents/attachments to a project. If I could do those two things I would probably never use another note taking/to do list/scheduling app again. Adding new themes/color schemes would be nice too, maybe different color themes or a dark mode. I’d love to see what new features come out as development continues :)
Great app! Keep it up!!!


Momenta BV
51 MB
Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
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In-App Purchases
  1. Premium Features for iOS $9.99
  2. Premium Features macOS & iOS $24.99


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