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Angle of View is a multi-function photographic utility that calculates and displays angles of view and subject frame dimensions based upon your selected focal length, distance-to-subject, and sensor size. It also shows the crop factors and equivalent focal lengths between five customizable formats, relative to your chosen sensor format and focal length.

Subject frame size:
For your selected distance-to-subject, the subject frame dimensions are the horizontal and vertical measurements, in meters or feet, of a rectangle within which any subject at that distance will appear in the photograph.

Resizeable measuring tape:
You can pinch to resize a measuring tape that is segmented into feet or meters for scale reference. The displayed scale of the measuring tape changes in real-time as you set the distance-to-subject via a slider control, within customizable limits, so that as your subject frame size increases, the relative scale of the measuring tape decreases. The app also displays the distance-to-subject necessary to fit your current measuring tape into the shot.

Range factor:
Angle of View's "range factor" is an absolute measure of how wide or telephoto any camera is, as opposed to the relative "zoom" factor that the manufacturers typically provide. The displayed "range factor" number tells you the ratio between the subject frame width and the distance-to-subject. The range factor multiplied by the subject size equals the distance to fit the subject:
range_factor * subject_size = distance_to_fit_subject

Aspect ratios:
All calculations take into account any additional cropping that may be incurred to your sensor format due to your choice of aspect ratio. You can change a format's aspect ratio in the Format Editor. This Editor lets you edit any of the sensor formats in the internal database.

Sensor size diagram:
The Settings display features a real-life-scale sensor size diagram with customizable labels that shows any cropping incurred due to your choice of aspect ratio. You can export the sensor size diagram to the camera roll for sharing purposes.

Format Editor:
The Format Editor can automatically calculate the aspect ratio based on the sensor dimensions you enter, displaying them as rational fractions or decimal ratios according to a user-selectable rounding tolerance—or you can manually enter the aspect ratio as whole numbers. It can also calculate one of the sensor dimensions based on the manually entered aspect ratio, given the other dimension. A status display provides user-friendly status messages throughout the editing process.

Format Database:
Angle of View features a full database of imaging formats in which you can edit, create new, and delete sensor formats and film formats. If you are upgrading from a previous version, your old database will be automatically imported into the new version. If you are installing Angle of View fresh for the first time or after deleting the app, you will get our database of presets pictured in the screenshots.

Things you can use this app for:

• Determine the proper distance from the subject of your photo at which to place your camera in order to fit that subject into your shot.

• Approximate the physical size of a subject if you know your distance-to-subject range, or vice versa.

• Avoid jump cuts or match shots between multiple different formats (like an APS sensor and a 35mm-full-frame sensor).

• Calculate the angle of view of your point-and-shoot camera or cellphone, instead of relying on rough "35mm-equivalent" numbers that the manufacturers provide.

• See the physical difference in size between several sensor formats using the real-life-scale sensor format diagram, the first of its kind on iOS.

• Quickly show how the angle of view changes when you place the same lens on a different sensor size.

• Quickly convert between feet and meters without having to type in any numbers.

What's New

Version 2.0.2

version 2.0.2:
- fixed crash on 2.0.1 on iOS 5 and 4
New features in 2.0.1:
- enhanced, redesigned, thicker measuring tape with scaled segments (1m or 1ft per segment depending on selected units)
- now if you use iOS Accessibility > Invert Colors, on iOS 6 and 7, the app will display a new red-on-white 'light room' skin with brown used instead of cyan
- support for regions that use commas instead of periods in decimals
Major new features in 2.0:
- new range-to-fit subject display
- new real-life-scale sensor size viewer with customizable labels that can be resized and/or hidden
- completely new sensor format editing screen
- now you can use decimal numbers for focal lengths
- more robust aspect ratio support for odd aspect ratios
- measuring tape resizes better with pinching now
- new red-on-black 'darkroom' color scheme
- redesigned angle display

Ratings and Reviews

Hidden Treasure!!!

EVI Midiman

I wish I had found this app earlier this year as I could have used it so many times!!! If you have come across this app, don't wait to buy it. This is one of the most useful apps I have purchased for my photography addiction- I mean hobby.

Great update


This is an awesome app. The sensor size viewer is killer. I love how you can save it to the camera roll. This is one of the hidden gems of the app store... get it now!

Today's update is cool, I like the new measuring tape. Much better!

Saved my but


This saved my but on a camera projection mapping project when I needed many exact number in a short amount of time. This is the American dream.


Jonathan Gilbert
2.2 MB
Photo & Video
Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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