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Watch life evolve in the palm of your hand! Oddly hypnotic and relaxing, Artificial Life is a simulation of the growth and evolution of microorganisms - basically artificial life forms. Initially, each organism is given a random set of rules governing its behavior. If the rules end up being useful for survival, the organism may live long enough to mate with another organism and pass its genetic code on to some offspring.

Over time, the organisms with the most useful behaviors will pass on their genetic code, leading to interesting patterns of behavior unfolding before your eyes - flocking behaviors, solitary predatory tactics, scavenging, and hiding are some examples - and all this behavior is evolving from total randomness.

Two modes of play!

* Sandbox Simulation

* Survival.

In Sandbox Mode, you can adjust environmental factors as well as the chromosomes defining the behavior of individual protozoa. There is no overall goal in Sandbox mode, other than to enjoy watching life evolve over time.

In Survival mode, you get to test your own custom protozoa against a random population. See if you can do better than natural selection. The goal is to have your protozoa survive as long as possible. The simulation ends when your custom protozoa dies.


* Double-tap the screen to select an individual protozoa.

* Pan and zoom using using touch and pinch gestures to explore this virtual world.

And, if you don't like how some of the organisms are behaving, you can always resort to the finger of death and destroy that which displeases you.

Queue up some music and then launch this app for some relaxing times in the microscopic world of Artificial Life.

You can read more about the app and view a video demonstration at:

Thank you all for the feedback! It is appreciated. As time and practicality permits, more suggestions will be incorporated into newer updates. You've all suggested lots of great ideas!

** The Science Behind the Simulation **
This app was inspired by the computer science technique known as Genetic Algorithms. The idea behind genetic algorithms is to apply evolutionary techniques such as inheritance, mutation, and selection to computing problems. I thought, why not go full circle and apply these techniques to a basic biology simulation? This app reflects one such attempt. I hope you enjoy it!

What's New

Version 2.6

Updated for 64-bit compatibility.

Ratings and Reviews



The app is crap none of the settings make sense

Test your rules in an evolving ecosystem


I love this game/toy. The survival mode is totally a game; you make some rules for your creature and see how long it survives against creatures with randomized rules. The simulation mode is like having an aquarium on your iphone; you watch hundreds of creatures with randomized rules look for food, run from predators, kill weaklings, mate, and impart half of their rulesbinto the offspring.
Whereas the survival mode seems to be more of testing your ideas of what would be a good evolutionary strategy, the simulation is more of taking an interest in the individual creatures (or schools of relatives) and tapping on them to see what they are doing right.
I like to play simulation mode and tap on a random creature to just watch it swim around for a while. It's intersting to me that the rules or "chromosomes" can survive for so long even if they don't seem efficient.
This is one of those apps that you enjoy so much that you begin to come up with new features that would make it even more fun, it's inspirational. Read the other reviews to see some great ways to make the app even more interesting, but have no doubt that it's worth the dollar.
I've been wanting a game like this where I can easily create programs for digital creatures and watch them succeed or fail. This is (by far) the closest thing I've found. I hope Artificial Life becomes it's own genre of genetic strategy.



I'm completely thrilled with this update. I bought this app when it first came out and it had so many aspects that bothered me while I was still intrigued. First, thank you so much for fixing the lag, there's nothing as fun as having 300 protozoa swimming around, but it is just depressing when it runs slowly. Now the whole program runs incredibly smoothly. Second, the small glow around the protozoa has a surprisingly powerful effect on the overall presentation, the app looks much nicer with the inclusion of that. Finally, I'm not sure if it's in my head but the protozoa seem to behave much better than they did previously, there had been a lot of very strange and annoying behavior before.

If I had to suggest anything for the next update I'd suggest only that you augment the targeting system so that it follows the protozoa you've selected through the screen. It becomes a little annoying at times to be forced to shift the screen every time the protozoa leaves it. Other than that I honestly can't think of any real complaints.


Stormy Productions
21.5 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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