The fate of humanity is in YOUR HANDS. Play the #1 Space Sc-iFi Strategy MMO on mobile! Colonize planets, build epic space fleets and battle players from around the world!

2525 AD. Man is an interplanetary species, fueled by the discovery of 3 powerful new elements: Raon, Nugen and Sectium. Collectively called the Cosments, these resources were shared between the two dominant hegemonies, the Alliance of Neos and the Federation of Terra. But an already strained peace explodes from the devastating arrival of a mysterious Alien fleet. Humanity’s confidence is shaken to its core, and war is now unleashed across the galaxies.

As a powerful commander, both Neos and Terra call upon your aid. Colonize planets, recruit skilled heroes and develop warships to lead in battle against a multitude of enemy Commanders. Along the way, you will raid alien fleets to harvest their technology, discover TRONs and EXTERs, and form crucial alliances.

A prequel to the browser-based classic, AstroNest (1999). The universe of AstroNest awaits. Which side will you choose?

● EXPLORATION EVENTS: Play for free resources to upgrade your planets, heroes and spaceships
● CAMPAIGN: Destroy space pirates, collect resources and level up your nation
● PURSUIT: Capture space outlaws, bring them to justice and collect your bounty

● MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER WARS: Work with your faction and engage in fierce inter-factional wars
● ASTRO LEAGUE: Weekly tournaments amongst experienced commanders
● ALIEN TECHNOLOGIES: Raid aliens and harvest their technology to empower your fleets
● ALLIANCES: Form alliances with users from around the world to gift capsules and aid in raids
● FRIENDLY SKIRMISHES: Battle allies to hone your skills, test new formations and get rewards

● SPACESHIP STRATEGY: Create your own unique combination of strategic spaceship formations and weaponized intergalactic fleets
● COLONIZE NEW PLANETS: Discover and colonize new planets to mine for and develop more resources
● DEVELOP HEROES: Recruit, hire and train to develop the best heroes for each role
● ASSEMBLE TRONS: Customize Trons to boost your hero’s abilities
● HYPER RESEARCH: Get advanced alien technology to upgrade your fleet

● AstroNest: The Beginning, requires a stable internet connection and is best played on Wi-Fi. After the initial install and updates, AstroNest: The Beginning needs to download additional game data, Wi-Fi is recommended.

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What's New

Version 2.9.8

1. Maximum Nation and Hero level expansion
2. The brand-new Campaign Episode
3. A brand-new alien fleet
4. A brand-new T7 Tron part
5. Collect all inbox gifts from allies at once
6. Disassembly Tron ​​parts batch function adding
7. Extract skill 10 LD function adding
8. Cube extraction batch function adding
9. Bug fixed

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5

319 Ratings

319 Ratings

Probably the best Sci Fi game out there

Sir Exavier the 3rd ESQ

At first I thought it would just be another multiplayer build troops and attack other players game. Yes you do do that but the layout and design makes it so much more fun. The way the AP works is amazing unlike most games that use energy this game allows you to unlock higher AP as you level up and allows you to even research upgrades with solid AP and no money needed meaning that whenever your funds are tight you can still upgrade. Also all build, research, train times are instant with no drawback. In addition, the way technology works is amazing, you get to outfit different fleets with varying weapons, armor, thruster and more allowing many different play styles. This game also isn't a grind and flows very easily. The only problem is lack of alliances. There is ally's which can send you gifts every day but I would like to see alliances who have their own leaderboard, chat and maybe special alliance buffs. Overall one of the best Sci Fi games on the AppStore. Pls Developers make more games like this.

I would like to see minor changes

Borg Sephiroth

Reminder to just be understanding of repetition maybe the options menu there can be a toggle for voices raid, hero, war. it's very redundant and sometimes it can annoy. That said a toggle for voices would be grand. Other then that. A special gift for a long time players would be great and create gamer loyalty.. In the last thing I could think of is you have to figure out how to award finding an alien fleet or destroying alien fleet or having a higher damage on the fleet for more weapons AND PLEASE DO SOMETHING OF THE ALIEN DOUBLE WEAPONS (like really whats the point of that work so hard to get the same thing boring truly boring) because I have had one of the weapons higher tier Alien weapons but I still need the pretech weapons and that is a turn off. So hard to get the pretech weapons in the higher tier weapons are easier great woopyido other than that I could find nothing else amiss with the game

Don't have to pay to have fun!


I love playing this game as they seem to let you earn so must that you can almost constantly play, as an adult with a full time job, wife, kids, and pets allow. I can always pick up my phone and play until something pulls me away, not the game trying to make me pay money to keep playing. Great job!!

One thing that can be fixed in an update is when using an AP recovery item to complete a task, instead of just refilling the AP, the task should be completed as well. As in: I have 0 AP and I want to upgrade a building on a planet, I have to use the AP recovery item then reupgrade the building instead of the upgrading the building, selecting use the AP recovery item on the pop up, and then the AP is recovered, then the upgrade goes through and the appropriate AP is removed from my AP bank.


ANGames Co.,Ltd
217.3 MB
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2014 ANGames Inc.
In-App Purchases
  1. Special Crystal Pack 150 $9.99
  2. Special Crystal Pack 300 $19.99
  3. Special Crystal Pack 75 $4.99


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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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