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Sem tempo suficiente para desfrutar de todos os livros que você quer? Faça o download do aplicativo da Audible, uma empresa da Amazon, para escutar seus livros em qualquer lugar.

Deixe-se levar em uma história incrível a qualquer hora e lugar, fazendo o download de um dos nossos 180.000 títulos disponíveis para o seu iPhone, iPod Touch ou iPad: desde best-sellers até os clássicos, e tudo Entre eles.

Agora você pode mergulhar em um bom livro quando der para segurar um: no caminho ao trabalho, na academia, enquanto espera a lavadora ou em qualquer situação onde seus olhos e mãos estão ocupados.

• Transfira seus livros a seu dispositivo via Wi-Fi
• Navegue por cada capítulo, favoritos, modo de repouso, variedade na velocidade de narração e modo sem botões.
• Multitarefa para o download em segundo plano enquanto você ouve o livro
• Ganhe emblemas e mantenha um histórico das suas preferências
• NOVO! Mude entre ler e escutar com o Whispersync (compatível com o aplicativo Kindle de Voz ou dispositivo necessário)
• Conecte-se ao Facebook e Twitter para que seus amigos saibam o que você está ouvindo
• Obtenha informações privilegiadas sobre eventos dos escritores e muito mais com o Audible Newsfeed

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Escutar com a Audible é sempre um tempo bem gasto. Faça o download do aplicativo grátis agora mesmo e descubra uma maneira mais inteligente de usar seu smartphone.

Acesse ou entre em contato através do Twitter: @audible_com


Versión 2.32

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.8 de 5

780.3K valoraciones

780.3K valoraciones



I found my favorite books from childhood here and found a voice outside of my own to read the words I had once enjoyed so much inside my own head now inside my ear read to me and it gave me a since of childhood once again a sense of innocence that has long ago left me but some how found its way back to me if only for a hour here or there that I thought had long sense been gave me hope that even tho I had grown and now work 13 hour days to provide my kids with a life much better than my own growing up that on my long lonely drives I could once again find the boy that wanted nothing more to drift away into his imagination to escape the horror of his life with a stolen library book read under a stolen flash light hoping not to be caught still existed inside me...even tho now I have a beautiful wife two wonderful kids a house I owned and brand new cars in the drive way to once again have that fleeting moment of childhood freedom spring up inside me if only for a moment was such a wonderful in sort I think I love this app more than any on my phone or tv or Xbox for that matter and as I have only got 1 of the 50 books from my childhood I can only imagine how much my fondness will grow in the coming if I may say so get it and thank me later....

Amy is my Idol


As a person with a 5 year old mechanical aortic valve who has now been told I have patient prosthetic mismatch which means basically the surgeon put a valve in my heart that is much too small for my body, I too have spent the last 5 years as a “sick girl”. Facing another surgery, I have been defiant and unwilling to go through with it. I am also the mother to one son, now 24 and have a loving husband and family and have a full life. But I will say, that with this book and her new book, Amy Silverstein, saved my life. Knowing her story, which she so artfully and beautifully conveys, has pushed me to have a change of “heart” and pull myself out of my self pity cocoon to actively pursue the life saving surgery that I need. So thank you Amy from the bottom of my heart. My family and friends thank you as well for writing your amazing books and sharing your struggles. I’m sure you had many reasons for writing the books, and maybe saving other peoples lives was one of your motivations. But if it was not, it is at the very least, a small miracle in my case. For any person facing any type of medical issue, and even if you’re not, this book and bring you a great amount of inspiration. I have convinced many people to read it who feel as I do.

Overall, love this app!

Audiobook fan from Texas

I use this app daily and overall, it has been an enjoyable and enriching experience. Nothing man-made is perfect, however, and that includes Audible. Recently, for no discernible reason that I have been able to discover, my whole library disappeared overnight from my Fire tablet. Needless to say this was quite disconcerting, and I still haven't been able to restore my audiobooks to that device. Fortunately, I've been able to access my library from my phone and my computer, so it wasn't a complete disaster.

My only other negative experience has been encountering an occasional narrator of books that I would dearly love to listen to, but whose voice and/or style is enough to make me want to run screaming out of the room. Fortunately this has been much more the exception than the rule, but I have learned to (without fail) listen to a preview of whatever book I am considering purchasing in order to avoid this problem moving forward, no matter how much I may want to "read" a particular selection.

If you love to read, but can't or don't want to always have to hold a physical book in your hands, Audible is an enjoyable way to get around that minor difficulty. It has actually become my generally preferred method of book consumption!


Audible, Inc.
77.9 MB
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés
Clasificación 4+
© 2015. Audible, Inc


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