Avi-on is an easy to use multi-room and whole building lighting control solution that is easy to install, easy to change, and easy to manage...indoors and out. Using any newer smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Smart and wi-fi, commercial installers and residential customers can quickly set-up devices, program schedules and timers, and add wireless switches. No wi-fi hub or gateway is required. All schedules and settings are saved on a Bluetooth chip in each device. Once programmed locally, the schedules will operate without the Internet or your phone nearby.

Avi-on enables many users to control many devices through a single account. Your account and settings are saved in the Avi-on cloud, providing instant back-up. You can add 24/7 wi-fi access (and Amazon Alexa compatibility, where available) with purchase of the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB). The RAB converts the Bluetooth signals on the Avi-on compatible devices/switches to a wi-fi signal that Amazon's Alexa can understand.

How do you get started?

• Power up an Avi-on compatible device by wiring it or plugging it in (plug, switch, bulb, fixture, sensor, adaptor, LED driver, outdoor switch, outdoor stake, and more).
• Use a smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth Smart and has strong wi-fi access. Use the latest version of iOS.
• Download the latest version of the Avi-on app. Register your account and password. Check spam folder for verification and password emails.
• Stand near the powered device(s). Press the big + button to add your first device. FAQs on set up are here:
• FAQs on scheduling are here:
• If you want wi-fi access, 24/7 clock synchronization, and/or Alexa compatibility, install an optional Avi-on Remote Access Bridge.

What are optional accessories for your Avi-on network?

• Avi-on Movable Switch: 3-way wireless switching
• Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB): 24/7 network synchronization and selected Wi-fi remote controls
• Amazon Alexa compatibility: purchase a RAB and Amazon Echo/Dot or other Amazon hardware. Please check for product/regional compatibility prior to making your purchases
• Other products available at

What is Avi-on Basic and Avi-on Pro?

• Avi-on Basic includes instant set-up, secure login, schedules with sunrise/sunset, and countdown timers. The actual features depend on the product's manufacturer.
• Avi-on Pro is designed for managing whole commercial building, office, landscape, warehouse, recreational facility, and area lighting installations.
• Depending on your product's manufacturer, Pro Accounts include all of the Basic features plus some or all of the following additions: device favorites and sorting, grouping, schedules, scenes, transitions, and sensor controls.

What else do I need to know?

• For dimming, color changing, sensors, and other specialized functionality, the specific product must offer those features.
• If you would like to add capabilities to your Avi-on account, please visit All products differ. Please check product packaging for details about the specific account capabilities that come with your purchase
• Compatible devices: GE-branded Bluetooth Switches and Dimmers, Avi-on Indoor and Outdoor Switches, Fixture Adaptors, Controllers and Remote Access Bridge, ERP LED Drivers, SPJ Flexlink Outdoor Controls
• Web controls differ from app controls. See for your profile settings

Support and FAQs are available at, or please email us at

What's New

Version 1.8.3

Connecting? Force quit to refresh your app, info Firmware update? press (!) on the app; do not take calls, text, or walk away. Login? All mobile phones and tablets require current app. Schedules? Please associate devices with schedules, Alexa? Wi-fi access & Alexa compatibility with purchase of Avi-on’s Remote Access Bridge, Account? See profile, More FAQs, or

Ratings and Reviews

1.9 out of 5

204 Ratings

204 Ratings

Horrible App, Decent Hardware & Getting Better


Update: Since i wrote my review, the switches received a software upgrade and I’m impressed, so impressed that i just installed three more in wall switches yesterday and I’m happy. There is definitely an improvement in connectivity when you add more switches, the coverage improves. My iPad seems to communicate better with the switches than my iPhone, maybe due to size of Bluetooth reach? I just purchased the Remote Access Bridge today, so I’m excited to see how that improves things. Things are looking brighter for this app and the hardware, can’t wait to see where they go from here.

I’ve had this about months. I am using a wall switch and the outside plug. Horrible User Experience. Hard to navigate. Have to stand 6” from plug or switch to connect or attempt to change settings. Settings won’t Save. For $40 per plug or switch you think they would invest in the app. Just bought an iHome plug, 100% easier to set up, communicate with and change settings. I’ll be changing out these plugs and switches to iHome products shortly. Don’t waste your time with this crap.

Developer Response

Thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear of your frustrations while using the product. We would like the opportunity to help you configure your devices. Please email so we can offer personalized assistance for you. Thank you.

Deceptive instructions - don’t waste your time


I bought an Avi-on switch at Target without researching it first, which I rarely ever do. I set it up to turn a lamp on and off in the living room twice a day so my dogs won’t have to sit in the dark before I get home now that it gets dark so early. While setting it up there was not a single mention that it requires a remote access bridge to connect to it when I’m out of range. Because of that I’m not able to make any adjustments to the timer if I find I’m going to be out later than the lamp is set to turn off. The fact that that information is not anywhere in the instructions is extremely deceptive.

Furthermore, after some googling I found I could connect to it via the Alexa app. NOPE. Alexa can’t find the device even if I’m sitting right next to it. I’m returning this piece of crap (the Avi-on device, not my Echo) and getting something else.

Note: Avi-on Developers/Customer Service, please do not reply to this with one of your canned “we’d like to help you” responses. Unless you’re going to offer to send me a remote access bridge free of charge or refund my money, save it.

Upgrade nightmare


I use 5 of these things to control everything from landscaping lighting to recirculating water pumps. They worked really well and were easy to set up. All was good until came time for upgrade.
App upgrade was bad, firmware upgrade on the devices was a nightmare.
Upgraded the app several times over the past year. Issues include lost schedule, lost devices and now, duplicated devices. Each of my device now have a clone. Removing the duplicate made it worse. The device stopped working completely. Forcing the device to resync with the app just caused the app to crash.
Then came the firmware upgrade. There were two upgrades in the last few months. That doesnt sound too bad except the firmwate upgrade has to be done on each device individually and it requires turning Bluetooth on/off couple of times during the upgrade process. It's a time consuming process and to make things worse, something would usually go wrong during or after the upgrade.
I haven't figured out how to fix the latest batch of issues. Might have to go the nuclear option and do a hard reset on all the devices and start over. Not looking forward to it.
Avi-on, you have a nice product but your software department needs to get the act together. A device like this should just work. It shouldn't be a hassle or a headache to run. It performs a very simple task so just keep it simple. Please!

Developer Response

Thank you for the detailed review and sorry to hear of your troubles. Many of the issues you have described should be cleared up in the latest application release. We would like to provide you with personalized assistance with your devices and ask that you please email so we can look into your account further. Most application issues can be cleared by a reboot of your phone/tablet including the duplicates displaying within devices. We look forward to hearing from you to ensure your experience is the best it can be!


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Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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