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¡Juega al mejor juego de backgammon en linea con Backgammon Live! Lanza los dados en este clasico juego multijugador de dados y pon a prueba tus habilidades contra tus amigos y jugadores de todo el mundo.

Unete a una comunidad con mas de 10 millones de jugadores en uno de los mejores juegos de mesa y dados gratuitos en linea! Enfrentate a diferentes jugadores, juega torneos de backgammon en vivo, juega a juegos geniales de cartas y dados, gana monedas y recoge las bonificaciones y los regalos diarios gratuitos.

El mejor juego multijugador en linea

Jugar a juegos de mesa divertidos es mucho mas agradable cuando compites contra otros jugadores. Por eso, nuestros jugadores pueden jugar juegos de 2 jugadores, contra jugadores de todo el mundo. ¡Backgammon Live es probablemente el mejor juego clasico del mundo de mesa para dos jugadores! ¡Jugar a juegos en linea contra jugadores de todo el mundo nunca ha sido tan facil!

Tableros y Dados

¡Date una vuelta alrededor del mundo y anade algo de color a este juego de mesa clasico en linea gratuito! ¡Juega en diferentes tableros de backgammon en linea con nuestros temas unicos e impresionantes! Tira los dados para desbloquear objetos especiales y tableros de backgammon y conviertete en el mejor maestro del juego.

Conviertete en un maestro de Backgammon

Backgammon Live es un juego de backgammon gratuito que te ensenara como jugar a backgammon en linea con tus amigos y otros jugadores y prepararte para enfrentamientos uno a uno. Abrete camino hasta lo mas alto compitiendo en torneos multijugador de backgammon en linea contra otros jugadores y se el mejor. ¿Crees que tienes lo necesario para desbloquear los tableros mas prestigiosos en Backgammon Live?

Torneos y desafios semanales

Juega contra otros jugadores expertos de backgammon de todo el mundo en nuestros desafios semanales para tener la oportunidad de ganar miles y millones de monedas. Estas monedas te ayudaran a progresar en el juego y a desbloquear nuevos y emocionantes tableros de backgammon.

Juegos de estrategia en linea

Juega juegos gratuitos en linea con amigos, tira los dados y practica el desarrollo de tu estrategia en unos de los mejores juegos de dados del mundo. Aprende a enganar a tu oponente y conviertete en el campeon de backgammon. Diviertete jugando con amigos en linea y duplica las apuestas cada vez que quieras ganar mas monedas.

Prueba tus habilidades de juego

Backgammon Live no es una aplicacion de backgammon como las demas. ¡Este juego clasico ofrece distintos tableros desafiantes! Pon a prueba tu velocidad con nuestros Tableros Nitro, donde solo tendras 20 segundos para realizar tu movimiento. ¡Prueba nuestros tableros personalizados de backgammon y mucho mas! En el HyperGammon, por ejemplo, cada jugador empieza con solo tres fichas.

Juegos de mesa y casino en linea divertidos

¡Haz tu apuesta y gana mas monedas para progresar en Backgammon Live! ¡Juega a minijuegos de casino increibles como Blackjack, Tragaperras, High/Low y Ruleta para convertirte en el mejor jugador de backgammon del mundo!

Desafiate a ti mismo y a otros jugadores de todo el mundo para dominar las reglas del backgammon, jugando a uno de los juegos de mesa mas populares que haya existido.

Backgammon, el juego de mesa multijugador mas popular y clasico del mundo, ha recibido diferentes nombres a lo largo de la historia, como por ejemplo, Tablas Reales, Chaquete, Chanchullo, Tapa, Tavla, Tabula, Acey Deucey o Tawla, entre otros.

• Los juegos estan destinados al publico adulto.

• Los juegos no ofrecen "apuestas con dinero real" ni tampoco la oportunidad de ganar dinero o premios reales.

• La practica o el exito en los juegos sociales de casino no implica un exito futuro en los juegos con apuestas con dinero real.


Versión 2.89.971

Get ready for a whole new level of excitement! Roll the dice, win big, and update NOW!
Update & enjoy:
- New MEGA challenges with more ways to Win!
- Complete the New Ultimate Quest to get Awesome rewards.
- Improved app performance with some bugs fixed.
Let's Play!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5
7.9 k valoraciones
7.9 k valoraciones

Five doubles in a row for my opponent

Does anyone make a fair backgammon game? I just downloaded this game. Fixed rolls already wow! By the fourth game my opponent received double sixes on the second roll. Double fours on the third roll. Double ones twice. Then five more doubles in a row to swiftly win. My last three rolls were a two and one. Three times while the opponent rolled nine sets of doubles. And this was just my first ten minutes of play. And my last. Sadly as the graphics looked nice. It’s all about the making you buy coins. As soon as I Lost it sent me directly to all the buy now offers.

UPDATE: Just to be fair I played a few more times. On one game when I had all the points blocked and taking them off with three of the opponents pieces on the bar he came back to hit one of my final four pieces. I got ones and twos five times in a row as that was the only two points he had blocked. He came back for an incredible win from behind. I then actually won two games and was asked to play my NEW board. The first two rolls for the opponent were double fives and sixes. He doubled and being my third roll I accepted. Wrong move as he continued to roll double after double. Fourteen doubles for the whole game. That is an impossibility unless the DICE and GAME are RIGGED. I put myself through college playing tournaments and would just like a bit of fun without such blatant cheating.


This game is RIGGED!!!

I am generally a good backgammon player but this game makes it impossible to play. I even spent money on this game, thinking maybe they just favor the people that are willing to spend money, but that was a clear mistake. How can I sit there having two openings to come on to the board on the opponents side and play 12 rounds of not rolling a single number I need to come out, But as soon as I knock an opponents peg off, And they only have one opening to come onto the board, that is exactly what they roll. I have had several games where I am ahead by quite a bit But then as we are taking them off the board my opponent always seems to roll multiple doubles to win the game. I even entered a tournament, where my coins got taken from me but I never was able to play a game, it just popped up saying “You Lost”. Another trick they do... I have had several games where I have been way ahead and was obviously going to win and all of the sudden it pops up saying no Internet connection, even though my Wi-Fi strength is just fine, then it says “You Lost”. I am sick of unfair games, I just wanted to play against real people instead of computers but that was a big mistake. I don’t like playing with cheaters but I especially don’t like playing a game that is rigged. Do not spend your money on this app. I will be uninstalling it now!!! 😡

Respuesta del desarrollador

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience with the game, but we can assure you that we have no control over the rolling of the dice and winning in the game. It's completely random and based on luck and chance. Please send an email to our support via the contact form: (please include your User ID located in the settings menu, date and time when the issue occurred) so that we can look into the issue and address any loss from disconnection that occurred.
BGL Team


Fun but a Total Waste of Time if You’re Serious about Backgammon

If you are an experienced backgammon player, this game is a total waste of your time. Aside from the obvious bogus “lures” like “double your winnings or nothing”- and - a multitude of ways that the game tries to get you to purchase coins....the dice are totally rigged against the pre-determined player that’s going to lose and the number of repeat doubles that can occur is laughable. It is difficult to believe that any real skill enters into this and frankly if you look at some people’s (I assume they’re all human.) level & coins, but lackluster win rate, one has to seriously wonder.

However the most annoying aspect of this game is when you’ve built up your coin count to a good level and all of a sudden the board scrolls to the higher end games with the absolute certainty that it’s going to freeze on and initiate a game that you absolutely do not want to play. Of course once the room has been “chosen”, there’s no way to back out! This is infuriating! I’ve actually won a lot of those games, but if not, you’re forced to build up your stash from scratch.

Having said all of this, the game is fun to play to the point of addiction and it’s a hoot to play with people from all over the world - but I’m tired off having to “rebuild” when it’s through no fault of my own or my ability.


99.8 MB
Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 12+ por lo siguiente:
Simulación de apuestas frecuente/intensa
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