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4.3 out of 5

9.7K Ratings

9.7K Ratings

Stupid Blocks and Accelerator!!


The blocks pop up out of no where or move at an non-consistant pace. They go one speed and then as soon as you get close, they speed up just to kill you! Or, when the blocks are going a consistent speed and you can gauge that it’ll be passed by the time you get close, the block will stop and you’ll smash right into it! The accelerations on the ground do not help reaction time whatsoever. And they are EVERYWHERE!! Even when you try to avoid them, you can’t help but hit one anyway because they are in the way of where you have to go in order to not smash into a block. And the ball will randomly start going faster, whether you’ve hit an accelerator or not. It’s very frustrating to just continuously die before I can end the track. I’ve been stuck on level 3 all day! It is made very hard to just finish the track with the blocks and accelerators being in the way. I don’t even care about being first, just being able to FINISH A TRACK is good enough for me, personally!! There are a bunch of ads, but the amount of times that you die will make you want to stop playing more than the ads will. Fun game, but more irritating than anything else.

P.S: the video of the game shown is NOT SPED UP! That’s how fast the ball actually goes while using the accelerators (and sometimes without the accelerators and while going down a “hill”)



This app could’ve been amazing. It’s a great concept. However, this game is terrible. It’s unbelievably fast (the video the advertise is not sped up at all—if anything, it’s not as fast as the ball normally goes) and it’s incredibly difficult to navigate the course. There are moving blocks that have inconsistent movements and sometimes randomly stop. They are there same color/shape as the unmoving blocks, so you might be fooled into thinking a moving block (which is currently resting) is an unmoving block and get killed because of it.
Even the first level is very difficult—it took me three days to just get past level one. The only way to improve your skill at this game & beat the level is with practice, which involves consistent and constant failure. And this is by no means an entertaining experience.
Finally: because the course itself it so difficult—and navigating it is your main concern—all elements of racing are completely lost. Actually completing the level is more important placing first, which will probably happen anyway (because even the BOTS have trouble complete if the course and you are often the last/only one left standing).
Please don’t waste storage space on this app, but, if you decide to get it anyway, write a review about your negative experience to prevent others from making the same mistakes as us.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Not at all Impressed


This has to be by far my least favorite Ketchapp game. First of all, the concept of this game, to avoid the blocks as you try to race around the track in a ball is quite similar to that of the Cheetah Mobile game Rolling Sky; the only distinctions are the increasingly fast gameplay, lack or music, and racing against other (“fake/robot”) players. Second, while this game is addictive there’s no real incentive to keep playing. Even with simplistic games like Stack and Hop (which is also similar to Rolling Sky), there was something that kept me coming back like a new tile or ball or whatever. With this game, I have nothing to play for and I just keep finding myself frustrated being unable to pass a lap. Third, though not as significant, there is only one revival if one fails the race the first time. For the way that this is set up, there needs to be something to keep players returning and something to allow them to really enjoy the game. I would not recommend this game to other players, but would recommend Stack.


86.5 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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