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Help Be Square (aka Be2, aka "The Dot") get rid of those nasty paddles and escape the dreadful world of Pingland. Guide Be2 through mazes, moving platforms, roller-coasters rides, mysterious puzzles and more. Experience new lifestyles and play-styles. Collect all bonuses and unlock all achievements

And remember: live free or die!

---- SUMMARY ----

In this highly confidential document we describe what we have found so far about the rules of Pingland. Your mission is to lead the "white dot" the fastest you can through the obstacles that show up in Pingland. On your way you will find many obstacles: dumb and smart paddles, invisible bars, moving platforms, attractive and repulsive items, sliding doors, stretching figures, puzzles, labyrinths, dungeons and so on. The laws of gravity and motion can change anywhere, anytime. It's your ability to discover the tricks on the way and avoid them as well as catching the bonuses. You are given a limited amount of time to complete each level. The fastest you overcome the obstacles the highest your score gets.

---- CONTROLS ----

Sliding your finger on the screen will influence the dot's speed and direction. Longer the slide stronger the acceleration applied. Keep touching the screen and you will apply the acceleration continuously. Your ability to influence movement can be limited on a screen by screen basis. Sometimes you can influence movement vertically or horizontally only. Check the HUD (Head Up Display) for the available modes. For faster accelerations you can use the turbo mode: slide with two fingers. But remember that the turbo mode is available for a limited time.


Our field agents have collected useful information regarding the Pingland surveillance system known as "OpenFeint". We have reports of global and local score tracking and a special achievements lock/unlock sub-system.


Be fast, be smart, BE SQUARE!

What's New

Version 1.2.3

- All levels are unlocked!
- Changed app name as requested by copyright gods. Welcome to Pingland!

Customer Reviews

2.6 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

crap app


don't download it is putrid crap that was undeveloped

Brilliant, creative and misunderstood

Chocolate TA

This game is sadly misunderstood by the average simple-minded consumer (i.e. the low star ratings here) but it is actually one of the most creative, fun and conceptually brilliant games on the app store.

First of all, it's a clever homage to the earliest days of videogaming. If you have some sense of history and the game's context, you will get great satisfaction from the game's design and story.

As for gameplay, it's quite different, and in some respects not unlike a ball rolling game. But the "physics" are very different, and the game is ultimately unique. Don't judge the game on the first level alone. As levele progress, the gamepay will as well, and you'll see all sorts of wonderful retro references along the way if you have the background to get them.

At the end of the day - if you remember the Pong and Atari 2600 era fondly and with due respect, whether you actually grew up with those games or simply learned about them, this game will make you very happy and put smiles on your face as you play it. If not, then you may not get the same level of satisfaction. It would be like hearing a great joke that goes over your head because you lack the education to understand the joke's references. The problem would be with YOU, not the joke, in that case. Same thing here. Those who "get" this game, are those who should GET this game and enjoy it. Everyone else, it's not for you, so just move on.



At first, I was a bit confused at this game. I didn't understand the controls nor what your objective was. As I played on, I understood it a bit better, and I think it's a great adventure game with that classic retro style. It has 2 small flaws however, and I hope the developer will look into them.

1)Controlling your dot is REALLY hard. Make it a bit more easier to control.
2)You might want to make the instructions more clear. It was a bit confusing to me.

Oh, and maybe just tweak that difficulty a little bit? 

Overall, a great game, and I'm looking forward to future updates.


(This is how I feel after I played the game a little more.)

I thought that the control was hard but I finally figured out that sometimes, you can't move up or down or left or right. Here's how the control works. Use joystick, then tap anywhere on the screen and move left, right, etc. This will control the dot. HOWEVER, sometimes you can't move in a certain direction(s)! Look at the top right corner to see which way you can move! So next time you can't move in a certain direction, it's not that the controls isn't responding, it's that you can't move in that direction!! Hope this might change you're ratings! 

Oh, BTW you can't move in the opposite direction you're going until you hit a wall or something solid~~~


Alessandro Iob
55.6 MB
Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2010 Kismik


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