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Ranked #1 in the App Store in over 25 countries!

Empower yourself to track habits you want with the best habit app on the market, loved by thousands world-wide. Better Habits is the only habit tracker that is backed by scientific research. With features including streaks, custom difficulty settings and a smart progress bar that grows or SHRINKS based on your performance.

- Backed by science
- Lose progress if you don’t perform
- Difficulty setting for each habit
- See your current streak and best streak
- See you progress over time, the peaks and valleys
- Intelligent affirmations of progress
- No ads
- Set a reminder for each habit
- Nag alerts that will annoy you until you do the action
- See your total lifetime actions performed
- See a full history of every action performed
- Full accessibility and voiceover support

Premium Features:
- Unlimited habits
- Multiple actions per day
- Advanced reminders

The Better Habits app has become one of the best apps to help you change your habits. The best habit app is not a goal-setting, stat-tracking, or coach-networking app. It’s a smart goal tracker that is laser-targeted on forming habits that last. Forty-five percent of all daily behavior is habit. Changing those habits can be incredibly difficult and many, unfortunately may never succeed at doing so because they don’t have a reliable habits building app that lets you track your daily tasks and build strong habits. It IS possible to change your core habits and many Better Habits users already have. We tap into your natural pain/pleasure triggers as you track your habits. You are rewarded for performance with visual anchored progress. When you fail to perform, you lose portions of that progress. Rather than a static, black and white, ‘all or nothing’ answer, we offer a sophisticated living algorithm that is backed by science and flexible to fit everyone. This is why many people all over the world consider our app to be one of the best habit-forming apps available.

The app is deceptively simple, and users are stunned at why — and how well — it works. Behind its elegant surface and easy interaction, is a union of serious study and complex technology that gently guides you along the path to success.

It’s time to form better daily habits and better your life.

We are always open to feedback and always available to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us at us@betterhabits.me

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Terms of use: www.betterhabitsapp.com/termsofuse.html
Privacy Policy: www.betterhabitsapp.com/privacypolicy.html

What's New

Version 2.0.0

Unleash your potential with Better Habits premium! Unlimited Habits, Multiple actions per day, Advanced reminders.
This is the largest update since the original release of Better Habits!

• Unlimited Habits
By far the most requested feature has been to allow users to have as many habits as they want. When I initially chose to only allow users a maximum of three active habits at one time, it was a risk. I was basing it off of scientific study and expert advice. Some users loved that they could only set 3 habits, but so many others screamed they wanted more. While I would still advise people to consider a focused approach to habit formation, I have to be honest and say that I have felt liberated having more than three habits at a time. Now you can have all of the stats, streaks, attempts and overall progress graphs on as many habits as you want! Unlimited habits, unlimited potential!

• Multiple Actions per Day
I don't understand why many apps don't offer this. The majority of the ones that do are too complex for people who want a simple habit tracker. With Better Habits it's easy, select how many times you want to perform the action each day, then tap and fill the circle with proportional slices, like a pizza. This is super useful for habits like drinking eight glasses of water a day, and SUPER powerful when combined with advanced reminders.

• Advanced Reminders
This is one of the most, if not the most robust reminders systems inside of a habit tracking app available today. There's just no other way to put it. There's three main chunks:

* Multiple reminders per day
* Nag alerts
* Custom snooze times

While multiple reminders per day is pretty straightforward, nag and snooze are a bit more complex. Nag is a reminder with a bit of an attitude. When you select nag, you will get repeated notifications until you complete the daily action for the habit or select 'stop nagging' from the smart notification. Snooze allows you to set a custom snooze time for each reminder. For example, "Drink water" might be a snooze of 10 minutes, while "Do yoga" might be an hour.

Combining Nag and Snooze can be really powerful. Let's say for example you want to be reminded to drink water. You set up multiple reminders throughout the day. You know that at 10am and 2pm you will likely be pretty distracted, so you tell Better Habits to nag you every 5 minutes. You also know that at 2pm, you may not be able to get away, so you set a Snooze time of 30 minutes. Got the scenario in your head? Cool...

So 10:00 am rolls around, you get a notification and sure enough you're distracted and miss it. You get another one at 10:05, still distracted. You get the third one at 10:10, and for this one you see it and drink some water. Later that day at 2:00 pm you get a notification, you see it, but you're in a meeting. Knowing you'll be in the meeting for a while and don't want to be nagged, you hit snooze. It's 2:30 and you're just wrapping up the meeting, you get a notification and miss it. All is lost right? Nope, you get another one at 2:35 because Better Habits knows to nag you. You see it, you drink water, you feel hydrated, you feel supported, you feel happy.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5

184 Ratings

184 Ratings

Editors’ Notes

Set your goals and track your progress. 

It works!


What an amazing habit app 😍 I only wish I’d found it sooner.

I love that it’s not black and white in terms of success and failure.

With other apps, I’d often give up on a habit because one missed day would take away all my past work and force me to start over again. It made me think, “What’s the point in trying today? It obviously has no meaning if it can all get erased that easily.”

With Better Habits, I like that it has a plan set out for me based on how difficult I think my habit is. There’s an actual progress bar!

If I miss a day, I only lose one day in my journey. I can make up that extra day. It’s gotten rid of my all-or-nothing mentality, which is genius.

The key here is balance. Some apps let you “skip” a day if I miss it so I can keep my streak. This makes me feel like I’m cheating myself and over time I stop checking in just because I know there will be no consequence. The result is an unformed habit.

Better Habits gives the appropriate amount of consequence to make me think twice about missing a day, but not crush me to the point of giving up.

I did email support with some suggestions (more scheduling options and a timer integration), but it’s great as is! I love that they made it accessible for the visually impaired too.

Probably a Killer App, I’ll Find Out



It was user error. I set all the settings correctly in the app, but had disallowed notifications in Settings>Notifications>Better Habits...

I may be back to bump to 5 stars... lemme use it first...

Later same day...

All my editorializing today has been after the daily reminders; I just saw a “2” badge on the app icon; I searched every menu option I can find and cannot find the source of the red 2 on my dock app icon...
(Original Post)

It is probably user error.

I’ve had the app for two or more months. I thought I set reminders in the beginning, but I’ve never been reminded. Being reminded and tracking actual behavior is why I bought the app.

This morning I was looking at the apps in my iPhone 7 Plus dock. The fourth one was a blue icon with what looked like a mountain range on it. I clicked it. It’s this app. I recalled getting it and the zero assistance provided and began this review.

I’m not a newbie and also have a Series 3 Apple Watch. If the developer follows these reviews, I may find that I am up and running in no time. In that case, my revision may include 5 stars.

I love the concept. Help me make it work.

Developer Response

Hi frankroshi, thank you for the detailed feedback. As I understand it, you were not getting reminders at first, but have solved that be turning on notifications. Also, you are unsure what the badges represent and can't find an explanation, is this correct? The badges represent the number of habits you have set to complete today that have not yet been completed. There is a "?" next to the 'Show badges' switch in the 'Settings' tab. If you tap that, it will explain it in more detail. Also, keep in mind that reminders will only trigger if you 'Have NOT' performed the habit for the day. The app is smart in knowing that if you have already completed the habit, you don't need reminded to do it. I hope this has been helpful in answering your questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me via the 'Send Feedback' button within the app. Cheers!


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