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Everyone at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation understands the fact that defenseless and selfless animals are suffering because us humans have done the impossible to mess up this beautiful planet of ours. We are fighting to eradicate the idea that a living being can be reduced to a simple object through possession. We only have authority to possess things like chairs, computers, TVs, etc and even those aren’t truly ours. We are raising awareness about how each animal is sentimental, intelligent, and unique. They have a vast array of emotions just like us. The only thing that they don´t do is speak a human language. By giving them love and respect to the extreme, as well as taking care of their basic needs of course.


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Little bit of happiness


This app works in a few ways. It shows video of people who not only care about animals, but give their lives for them. It's a reminder that there are still good people in the world. Another thing is you can watch videos of the big cats. Up close and extremely personal, which is still unique online. I also think when you use the app a tiny bit of money (from the ads) goes to help the animals. What more do you want? As a side note, I went to their site and bought two tee shirts that were really comfortable and, again help the foundation. Good app, great cause. Go for it.



Everything about this organization brings me great happiness.... The captions on the Instagram account help me with my own personal struggles and help to motivate me when I am feeling blue. The thriving animals give me hope for the human race and for the world and all of its inhabitants. I hope everyone on earth can learn from the incredible lessons given to us not only by the people in charge of it all, but by the animals themselves.

Your the man

Adam War Technologies

The love and compassion you give to these animals is amazing. The world deserves to see this love that you provide for the animal kingdom. Your the reason these animals are saved from those that destroy. You deserve the world, you deserve the key to upstairs. You deserve a cape and ability to fly to the rescue when the animals need you. I love the fact you never lose hope. I love the fact that you strive and prosper.


33.5 MB
Estilo de vida
Requiere iOS 9.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Inglés, Italiano
Clasificación 4+
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