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I believe a person has it within themselves to achieve the amazing. The enemy is that we get sidetracked, distracted and discouraged. Take it one block at a time and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Inspired by tried and trusted time management techniques, a block is a 25 minute visual countdown to get your productivity flowing.

- Use a 25 minute time block to do more in less time
- Manage your energy levels through regular breaks
- Measure your day and week simply by seeing your number of blocks
- Color code a block for the activities that you do often or care particularly about
- Gain greater understanding of where your time goes

- It makes the day easy to get started, and thus going.
- Creates an enjoyment and inner satisfaction from seeing all that you get done.
- Beautifully designed to encourage, motivate and improve focus.

Block & Flow is a beautiful system for a productive day. So far, the early supporters have been fantastic and very encouraging, thank you. People tell me that they do x many blocks a day, or over a week, which is fantastic. What excites me most is imagining someone completing their blocks over a month, a year, and ultimately many years. I believed they will grow as a person, stretch themselves, and be surprised with what they are able to create and accomplish. I truly find this exciting, and it makes me determined to push myself and do the best that I can for someone that chooses Block & Flow. If you have ideas or thoughts, I am always ready to listen.

What will you accomplish, one block at a time?

Happy Block & Flowing.



Thank you for the fantastic reviews. I appreciate them.

"I've been using iPhone since 2010 and I have to admit this is the best and yet simplest app I ever came across. I'm a medical student. Who needs focus, clarity and a productivity app. This app has got it all."


"Forcing myself doing 4 blocks a day. Simple and yet motivating."


SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE- by Happy student28371
"Really nice app. Has completely changed the way I study. Very satisfying. Try it out."


If you purchase a Pro Subscription (Monthly or Yearly), payment will be charged to your iTunes account. Renewals will be charged 24 hours prior to the end of your current Pro Subscription. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes Store settings. The current price for a Monthly Pro Subscription is $1.99 per month and for a Yearly Pro Subscription is $13.49 per year. The price may vary from country to county.

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What's New

Version 1.4.4

Fixes a bug that meant a purchase was not correctly restored.

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5
18 Ratings
18 Ratings

USED to be my favorite app

I paid for the upgrade and full version years ago which was supposed to be a one time purchase. Now I can't even do the basic version without paying a relatively high subscription fee. That is incredibly bad service for those that have been with you and bought it under old terms and conditions. I read a long "blah blah" response from the developer about 1000 true fans etc but I think they are also missing the fact that there are free apps out there and if you want to go viral it needs to be shared widely. I fully support and pay for apps that offer a free limited version and then a paid more fancy version. But this development in inordinately increasing the price for even those of us who paid for the full version years ago is bad business and I can't in good faith recommend them again. I used to even advertise this app in my lectures on productivity and to my grad students but no more.

Previous, outdated review: "This app is my favorite pomodoro app and I've tried dozens. I love the elegant design and the graphical representation of your work flow."

Developer Response

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. It is helpful to hear both the negative and the positive. I appreciate your frustration and would like to see if we can find a way to move forward and for you to enjoy using the app again. If you would like to send me an e-mail via the ‘Feedback’ button in the ‘About’ page in the Block & Flow app, I would like to try and help.

I would like to address your points and to also be candid with you. With regards to how the people were treated that had upgraded, I do feel I could have done this better. My big failing here is that I did not explain the change. Of course people will support or disagree with my course of action, but at the least I should have explained the change.

I understand your expectation about the in app purchase upgrade. I have reviewed the in app purchase upgrade and it enabled someone to create a further eight categories, to be able to export their data, and does not offer anything else or make any promises for the future. Irrespective you still had an expectation and if your contact me, I will try to make it right.

The in app purchase upgrade earned a tiny amount of money and was not enough to support the future of the app. If I had continued down this road the people that love using Block & Flow would end up not having an app. App pricing and business models can be tricky and I am trying to find a business model that creates a sustainable business and that works for the people that love the app. The first step has been to introduce ‘Pro’ subscriptions, which means I have a responsibility to provide a great app and to keep improving it, and in turn this is funded through a monthly or yearly subscription. When I introduced this, I did not know how people would respond and whether anyone would subscribe. I am grateful to the people that choose to subscribe and I believe Block & Flow has a great future because of their support. Thank you to the people that have subscribed, it is a big encouragement to see.

I did think long and hard about introducing the pro subscription and how to treat people that had previously upgraded. My aim was to give people the best experience of Block & Flow and for all the features to be available to use in the free one month trial. The intention was to keep it simple, and that if someone finds the app useful, they can continue using the app after the free trial month and purchase the monthly or yearly pro subscription.
For someone that had previously upgraded, they were given three months before being prompted about the pro subscription.

I really did not know whether people would choose the pro subscription or not. People do write to me with their stories of how they use Block & Flow, and what they have accomplished with the help of it. My thinking was that I need such people to support the pro subscription and that these people would probably be the people that had previously upgraded. I needed to find out if they would support me and the app going forward. It is a relief that people have as a majority been supportive and I am determined to do my best for them.

Having taken the first step, I do intend to revisit the free to pro subscription experience and to improve it. There are aspects of it that I do not like, and that could be done in a way that makes for a much better experience. I have had several good suggestions and am open to ideas for how to approach this.

Once again thank you for your feedback. I do hope that you contact me and that we might find a way forward.


Pretty but not doing what I need

I really like the user interface and how simple it is, but it only breaks the block when you actually exit out of the app—if you just minimize it to go to another app, it keeps the block going. Found myself straying to Facebook, realized what I was doing, and came back to find the block still going. Not sure if it’s possible to break the block when it minimizes, but that would be good, especially if you can choose apps to exclude from breaking a block (I get a lot of calls on my cell for work so wouldn’t want the phone app included). Would be a good app for someone with better focus than me, I think, but I need something more intensive to break my bad habits.

Edited to respond to developer: being able to adjust severity would be awesome! I would personally want the block to break when exiting or minimizing the app.

Developer Response

Thank you for the review and helpful feedback.

What would you like to happen? Would you prefer the block is just paused if you stray to Facebook, or that the block is cancelled and reset back to the start?

This is an area that I plan to improve in the future. I would like someone to be able to change how strict the app is depending on their preference.

Once again, thank you for leaving a helpful review and thank you for updating your review to answer the questions.


Update: I tried to live this app, but

First, I gave feed back to the developer on a functionality that was not intuitive and repeatedly caused me problems. He essentially said “you’ll get used to doing it our not great way.”

In addition, There are bugs that make the blocks turn off when certain other apps are opened. Since there’s no way to manually update to correct to help keep track of where I’m spending my time, both of those things were deal breakers. I switched to ATracker and love it. It’s not pomodoro, so wouldn’t work if that’s what you care most about. I have learned I prefer the flexibility of capturing the small bits of time that add up - and just use my phone timer to drive pomodoro blocks when I want to approach focused work.

Original review
Helps me focus and spend time where it matters most
I was not aware of how much time I was spending getting ready to do things vs. actually doing them. It’s all right there in colored blocks - there’s no hiding from it. Now my weekly and daily goals are built around getting a certain number of blocks, so I am doing what is important and will have the most impact. This has been truly transformational for my productivity. Thank you!

Developer Response

Thank you for the constructive feedback. I do try hard to listen to the people that use Block & Flow. The aim is to make an app that helps someone for the long term (many, many years).

I have reread our e-mail exchange, and apologise. Re-reading it, I did misread and misunderstood your original point. Your suggestion that pressing continue starts the next block is a good idea and a change that I will make.

Best of luck with your productivity.


One foot after the other Ltd
20 MB
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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  2. Yearly $13.49


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