Play more than 4 million awesomely fun creations made by players like you! Make and sell custom models to trade with players from around the world to earn coins - then redeem your earned coins for real cash! Or challenge your friends to beat your best time on the leaderboards and play in Virtual Reality!

In Blocksworld, you can play racing games and platformers, escape mazes, battle monsters, and more. Build with drag-and-drop controls to create dinosaurs, helicopters, alien spaceships and giant tarantulas. Make satellites and semis, cats, robots and robot cats! Tap Play and watch your creations walk and talk, jump, drive, fly, shoot lasers, fire rockets, or, if things go really well, explode!

When you create something awesome, share it with the rest of Blocksworld in our moderated community.

And there's always something new in Blocksworld! From outer space adventure to zoo animals to city building to military operations.

The possibilities are endless!

Want to know more? Have an idea to help make Blocksworld even better? Connect with us and let us know:

What's New

Version 1.47.0

- Here one moment, there the next! Teleport your blocks and models from one place to another with the new Portal blocks, coming soon to the blocks shop!
- We also made some improvements under the hood to linking Steam and iOS accounts.
- A few other little bugs were squished.

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5

2.6K Ratings

2.6K Ratings

Don't Download. Here's Why (Just Something Everyone on BW Dislikes)


Okay, I had gotten back the game when the crashes were fixed, and, when I saw that they added a world puplication cooldown to where you could only make ONE world a day, I did not approve that because it costs 50 coins to publish another world in that same day! Everyone's complaining about it already, so I'm with em'! But instead I'm writing a review so you'll ACTUALLY see this, Linden! I'm very disappointed in this game now. I rate it two stars because of this update that makes absolutely no sense at all. More like a downgrade! I'm telling you all, do not download this game. It's just a waste of time waiting for it to finish. Also, the updates just come pouring in! The players aren't even getting adjusted to the updates! Most games I play only update like once ore twice a year. Try slowing down a bit, but please, listen to people's concerns about this game! Thank you for reading this. Now here's my old review:
I deleted this game ever since the new update came out, well, because it crashes too much. I cannot open my worlds. The Endless Expanse looks horrible, and whenever I play the world I'm on, then I go back into build mode, my game crashes. Then when I try to go back on that world, it crashes. Are you trying to make the game like this, or are you trying to make it improved? Please, please fix the game or I will not play it ever again. It was my favorite game until now.

Wow guys, just like all the other ones 😤

Creeper hunter 4

I used to have this game on my iPad but I deleted it. Why? Because the creators got money hungry. WHY LINDEN!? I thought this was going to be a game where I can just come in, have fun, build, play, and publish. But no. Now we have to pay a fee for the membership. Basic or premium! What the heck guys! You made a game that encourages young minds like mine to let themselves free. Why did you have to turn it into a money making thing! This game was good when I came out. Back when you could publish as many levels as you liked. Back when you didn’t have to pay to play publish levels. It was bad enough having to pay coins to play certain levels. Especially when the level was bad, or made my ipad lag. That was a small pain but this!? In what universe is locking us behind paywalls a good idea!? Some advice for linden: locking players behind a paywall is NEVER a good idea, because you end up with reviews like this one. You had a good thing going linden. But then you ruined it.
AND the devs don’t even listen to suggestions! I put out a suggestion for a block that can spawn models where ever the player likes! And NO RESPONSE! I asked for it to be in the next update, but the next update brought scams, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and new skies that don’t change color. You ruined a good thing linden, because you were greedy. Now your suffering the fallout, and that’s on you.

Bad Reputation.

Ideas and stuff

I have owned this game for 4 years now. I’ve played it from time to time then made a tiny comeback in December 2017. It’s definitely undergone some humongous changes and fixes. But the features have gotten slowly worse. The premium now has a monthly subscription, which is absolutely despicable. The premium used to cost 8 USD, then the cost got raised a bit to 12 USD. Which that premium would last forever with no extra micro transactions, now you have different tiers of premium which you have to pay monthly. Not to mention the music and block updates have completely stopped for some odd reason. The last music update was like, 1 full year ago. Sets have been getting more expensive. And the overall community of blocksworld is crumbling, because of unnecessarily childish drama and petty fights, forming giant empires with militaries, and crybabies that use this game to complain about their lives which literally nobody cares about. This is starting to ruin the games true reason for existing, it’s s coding/building game not a roleplay game. Now a lot of people still continue to play along with ye’ old blocksworld, and I applaud them. Plus the new music and layout is less appealing than the older version. Just please make this game as good as it was 2 years ago.



Linden Research, Inc.
573.4 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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In-App Purchases
  1. set of 300 Coins $1.99
  2. set of 100 Coins $0.99
  3. set of 700 Coins $3.99


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