The most comprehensive Home Inventory application on the market that will help you make and maintain inventory for any property you own. It lets you organize your belongings in collections, rooms, locations and/or assign one or more tags to each one. It lets you add photos, videos, receipts, manuals, contracts and other documents related to your items.

Add all necessary information related to each inventory item: name, description, year, make, model, serial number, purchase price, annual depreciation rate, heir, warranty etc.
Assign items to your custom properties, rooms, and collections. Add one or more custom tags to organize your items into multiple categories.

Quickly import photos and create new inventory items from a selected folder.

Add multiple photos, videos, manuals or other documents to each item. Display all of them in a photo album that lets you filter and organize by multiple criteria.

Keep a maintenance or upgrade journal. Log anything relevant to your property – furnace services, taxes etc.

Schedule one-time or recurring events with optional​ reminders related to each item. Schedule annual maintenance tasks, tax due dates, warranty expiry etc. All scheduled events will show up on the application's dashboard.

Add and display more information related to your properties – property manager, Zillow ID and property link. Go to your Zillow's property page with a single click. Features like document management, journaling and events can let you use the Blue Plum Home Inventory application as a simple property management application.

Create multiple reports. Use location, room, collection and tag filtering to make reports that fit your needs. Create reports as PDF files that you can easily view, print, save or email directly from the application. Create Item List, Summary, Comprehensive, Warranty, Estate or Photo album reports. More report types will keep coming with regular updates.

All inventory information is kept on your local computer, but keeping your home inventory information off-site is always a good idea. The application lets you backup all data to a single compressed file that can easily be copied to any cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, …).

The application lets you create periodic value logs (usually on annual basis) for all the items that you have marked for tracking. Automatically apply suggested depreciation rates. See a history and display charts for your value logs.

If you miss a property in your inventory item, define your own (up to 2 numerical and 2 text custom fields).

• Remote data entry from our iOS app
• Name, description, serial number, make, model, year, warranty information, etc.
• Item's property location, room, collection and multiple tags.
• Purchase price, annual depreciation rate.
• Inventory item journals and events.
• Estate planning
• Contacts manager
• Insurance, insurance claims
• Multiple photos, videos or any other type of electronic document assigned to an inventory item.
• Display item's location on a map (in case you hold multiple properties).
• Track item values, display value history in a chart. Multiple chart types, custom tag based chart data, ...
• Item values distribution chart – clearly see your most valuable items.
• Print or copy to a clipboard any of displayed charts.
• Dashboard overview of your inventory value, charts, property locations, warranties and important events.
• List of soon to expire warranties.
• Multiple reports (item list, summary, comprehensive, warranty, photo album, estate).
• Import data from other applications through CSV files.
• Bulk image import
• Export data to CSV and JSON files.
• Full data backup (and restore) to a single compressed file that can easily be moved to a cloud storage of your choice.

What's New

Version 3.3.0

Added total number and value (within the label's tooltip) of items in rooms, collections, contacts, tags, and locations.
Added multi-item select in the album view. Added delete and export of multiple items at once.
Fixed a bug that left a transparent window open after a document delete operation (album view).

Ratings and Reviews



Stay away from anything by BluePlum. The companion app used for data entry keeps crashing when trying to scan barcodes and there is no way to contact them. The support link literally goes to a page that says: "Comming soon …”. Can’t even spell.

Developer Response

You could have contacted us directly from this application or its support page. Also, our web site's 'About' page and application's manual contain our email address. Thank you for reporting the bar code reading problem of our free iOS app (fixed in version 1.5) - we are trying to correct all reported issues as soon as possible.


Does Well… Have Improvements to Suggest

Updated review…

First, like to say that I really appreciate developers that maintain and upgrade their apps. 5 stars! Second, now that I’ve used the app for a while I have some suggestions for improving the app.

On the Mac side would be nice if:

1) Filtering were improved
- Ability fo filter on multiple tags
- Ability to apply logic to filters, for instance, filter for things NOT in "collection X” or filtering on things that do NOT have tags
- More filtering criteria, say by Date Added to BluePlum, by Recently Synced Items, and so forth
2) A visible count of items in: The Inventory Items List, a room, a collection, a specific tag, etc would be nice (I only see a total count under the “Current value of inventory” at present)
3) Ability to sort by more than name, such as Date Added, Date Purchased, etc
4) Some kind of temporary indicator that shows which items have been recently synced (like the dots on iOS apps that have been recently updated)
5) More / customizable hotkeys

On the iOS side of things, I understand that it is a companion app, but I really wish it were more say an equal to the Mac app. Still, barring that, there are some improvements that I think the iOS app does need.

1) Improved document detection while scanning (similar to the Apple Notes app)
2) Keystone prevention
3) Ability to zoom the camera while scanning


Mac app and companion iOS app do a pretty good job. But both are lacking here and there.

On the Mac side of things…

1) Bulk editing of most of the fields would be a big plus. For instance, if I have a box of music CD’s that I want to tag with “Music Box 1’ I currently have to go through each and every item in the box and add the desired tag to each… individually one at a time! Which is an annoying, slow, and tedious process at present.

2)The map doesn’t work quite right. I understand that the location will be off slightly because GPS and mapping data isn’t 100% accurate. But when I try and fix the location by moving the maps callout icon to where it should belong it doesn’t stay. Also when I zoom in / out or pan the (Locations / Partitions) map the callout icon moves on it’s own. (Does not appear to move in the Location Map next to the Value History Chart)

On the iOS side of things…

1) Why does the iOS app require a purchase date? It’s annoying that I have to put one in only to go to the Mac side and delete them one item at a time! While this wouldn’t be so bad if I could bulk edit on the Mac side, it seems a bit dumb to require a field on the iOS side when it’s not required on the Mac side. Further more, if for some items I don’t remember when I purchased them, I’d honestly rather if there were no date listed at all or if the date could be listed as something more useful like: UNK, Unknown, etc.

2) Why can’t you assign tags to an item directly in the iOS app? Instead I have to go to the Mac app to add tags… again one item at a time.

3) On the subject of fields you can’t edit from the iOS app… why are there so many missing? I can understand that for some people it is nicer to get minimal information in and sync. But for some people, there are fields they’d like to get filled in sooner rather than later lest they forget. Meaning it’d be better to enter information for those fields immediately rather than waiting until a sync happens. Essentially why can’t we choose which fields we want to see on the iOS side?

4) Why can’t you zoom when taking pictures of items in the iOS app?

For both…

1) Why isn’t their a read-only creation date / time field to show when something is created? Perhaps there is and we can’t see it? But if that’s the case it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes being able to see when you’ve made an entry is useful in itself.

Developer Response

Thank you again for great suggestions! New features from your list will gradually become part of the application with every new version. Also, the application's support page will soon show a full list of planned new features.
Sorting by purchase date or price already exists - right mouse click on the sort order indicator to see the sorting criteria choice list.
We will try to make suggested improvements in the companion iOS app as well.


Good suggestions, thank you.
Bulk editing added with version 2.12. You can now select multiple items and assign new tags, clear tags, set a location, room, collection or a heir to all selected items at once.
Creation date will be added in the next release.

As for the iOS app, it is a free companion app that is not necessary for operation of this Mac application. Its only purpose is to make transfer of collected item photos to the Mac application easier. There are many other ways to do the same, some even easier than using the companion app. For example, you can let iPhone synchronize
photos through iCloud with the Apple Photos application and then import these images directly from our Mac application.
The iOS companion app was never meant to replace the main Mac inventory application or provide all the features available there.


This is a really great app

I had been looking for a good home inventory app and when I downloaded it, I was very pleased with it except for a few significant “lacks”. I said something to the Blue Plum team and wouldn’t you know it, they were right on it! They fixed everything I (and several other customers it seemed) thought needed to be changed as well as added a plus I did not think about but will love having. You keep going team, you are doing a great job and your customer support so far has been superb. I am definitely going to trust to put all of my inventory in this app…a very time consuming thing and therefore very important that you make it as easy as possible to do it…obviously what you are dedicated to do. Thank a lot!


Srdjan Vrbaski
26 MB
macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© The Blue Plum Software Inc.


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