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Brightness Slider

By ACT Productions

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With Brightness Slider you can adjust screen brightness from the menu
bar, just like the sound menu provided by Apple, and with improved
control over the dimming process.

Using a keyboard with no brightness keys? Tired of low brightness
levels which are still too bright? Brightness Slider gives you total
control over your screen's brightness settings, allowing in
particular for a really smooth transition between low light and total

- Screen brightness level adjustment right from the menu bar
- Dimming control at low brightness levels
- Arrow key function with active Brightness Slider menu
- Custom hotkeys for lowering and raising brightness levels
- Start at login option available in the preferences

How Brightness Slider works:
Brightness Slider darkens your display by combining two separate
methods. Method A adjusts the real backlight intensity of your
display and method B creates a semi-transparent black veil above
everything else. Why the complexity? Well, when dimming a display,
the final jump down to no backlight at all is very large, especially
in a darkened room. To provide more control over the dimming process,
the top-half of the slider controls the backlight intensity from 1
down to 0.1 (method A). Then, the bottom-half controls the opacity of
the semi-transparent veil, whilst keeping the backlight at 0.1
(method B). When the slider is at zero, the backlight is turned off.
The result is that the final jump now has several intermediate steps,
which means the perceived brightness (the combined result of both
methods) is that much more adjustable.

One last thing:
There are displays where Brightness Slider cannot control backlight
intensity. However, it can still perceptually dim the screen by
controlling the opacity of the semi-transparent veil (which can be
created on any display).

Any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate:

What's New in Version 1.2.5

- Added option to control whether Brightness Slider restores the last brightness value on open


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Customer Reviews

Absolutely perfect.

I use a program that allows me to share my mouse and keyboard with multiple machines (Basically for a multi-monitor setup, but each machine is completely independant). I was sad to find that the program I use, while absolutely phenomenal, doesn't allow the iMac's standard F1 and F2 keys to control each screen independantly, but rather only works for the machine the keyboard is tied to. However, this program does EXACTLY what I need; allows me to control each screen of my multi-monitor setup independantly from eachother, so I can have varying brightness across each system.

This application works so wonderfully, I would have paid up to $5 for it. That's how much I love it, and how invaluable it is to my useage scenario.

To the folks complaining that the brightness is not constant and changes on its own; be sure to turn off Auto Brightness in your System Prefs > Display settings. The program works perfectly fine, they just have their Auto-Brightness turned on, which will effect this program.

Awesome! No USB cable needed for Thunderbolt Display!

Was so bummed to plug in my new 27” Thunderbolt Dsiplay and it was SUPER DIM. Reading all over the internet it seems you have to have a USB cable to adjust the brightness. I think I have just about every cable know to man USB to something BESIDES USB to USB.

Tried a couple other brightness apps, even paid for one - they didn’t work - this app did right away - so stoked!!!

Saved me a trip to the store and a few bucks - thanks!

brightness not sticking

I was really excited about this app because I currently use one called “brightness control” and it is great, but I wished it was in the menu bar and I would love keyboard commands.

But, just like another reviewer said, for some reason when I set the brightness lower, it snaps back to a higher value. I tried finding where the brightness is auto-adjusted in the system, but I was unable to find it to try to disable it.

If it helps, I’m running an external monitor out via the displayport.

BTW: It doesn’t make a review unhelpful just because it is not 5 stars.

Brightness Slider
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  • Category: Utilities
  • Updated: Jul 17, 2013
  • Version: 1.2.5
  • Size: 0.9 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Alexandre Truppel

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

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