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JUEGA al mejor juego online de disparar burbujas gratis y resuelve todos los

divertidos puzles. Elimina todas las burbujas y gana los desafíos. Descárgalo ahora

y disfruta de un juego clásico de disparar bolas con cientos de niveles adictivos, un

modo de juego sencillo y asombrosas mejoras y power-ups.   

¡Despeja el tablero!       

Arrastra el dedo para mover la mira láser en la dirección de las burbujas. Levanta el

dedo para disparar. Une al menos 3 burbujas del mismo color para hacer explotar

todo el grupo y ganar puntos. Dispara y explota todas las burbujas de color para

subir de nivel.

Alcanza el objetivo

Gana todos los desafíos y gana niveles duros. Alcanza altas puntuaciones e intenta

conseguir 3 estrellas en cada nivel. Puedes intercambiar burbujas sin límite,

simplemente pulsa en tu burbuja para cambiar su color.

Recompensas especiales      

Desbloquea mejoras asombrosas que te ayudarán a aplastar las burbujas y

completar niveles:

● Explota 7 burbujas seguidas para conseguir una bola de fuego que quemará

las burbujas en su camino.                                     

● Tira 10 burbujas o más para conseguir una bomba que eliminará las burbujas

de alrededor.   

● Recuerda: no uses los objetos especiales inmediatamente, guárdalos hasta

que los necesites.

Características del juego

o Niveles asombrosos.

o Multitud de burbujas coloridas y desafíos excitantes.

o Gráficos y diseños espectaculares.

o ¡Únete a la burbujamanía!

o Fácil de jugar, pero puede ser difícil de dominar.

¡Juega en cualquier momento y lugar! No requiere conexión de Internet.

¿Listo para disparar y explotar algunas burbujas?

¡Elige tu objetivo cuidadosamente y dispara!

Si eres aficionado a los juegos difíciles, definitivamente disfrutarás con este juego

asombroso de disparar burbujas.

Bubble Shooter Classic es un juego genial de explotar burbujas, perfecto para jugar

con tu familia y amigos. ¡Prueba este genial juego de disparar burbujas hoy!

* ¡Asegúrate de estar atento a las fantásticas actualizaciones y nuevos niveles!

¡Pásalo bomba jugando a nuestro juego!


Versión 1.13

A new update just landed!
20 new Levels!!
Minor bug fixes

Make sure to rate us after playing - your feedback helps us become better!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.4 de 5

2.8K valoraciones

2.8K valoraciones

Almost perfect!


-I like this game because the bubbles are larger and the color shades haven't been easily confused with the other colors, i.e. red with pink, red with orange, gray & purple and in one game even the blue & green were very similar!
-However, as in all games like this a lot of bubbles are wasted when the colors you need don't come up. That can be very frustrating if you're in the mood to win. Another frustration I have is even though you clear the board, only 1 or 2 stars might be awarded. I've played some levels several times to see if fewer moves or more moves are wanted only to receive 3 stars. Neither method wins all 3. So why not just have a pass/fail? If you clear the board, you move to the next level and if not, you remain on that level until you do clear the board? Or, tell us players what it takes to win all 3 stars for each level?

Love the game but...


I love the game, but there are a couple things that are keeping me from giving it 5 Stars. I’m on level 702, so I’ve seen a good number of different trick balls. I wish there was an explanation of what the trick ball is (like how to pop the ice ball, sticky ball, color). I’m also having the same Facebook issue everyone else is, but it seems like you guys are on that.

The biggest issue for me is that I can’t listen to my music when I play. I fly a lot for work and I like to listen to my music while I play games on my flights. However, the app doesn’t allow me to do that-instead, I have to listen to the game sounds. If I could listen to my music, I’d give it 5 Stars!

Respuesta del desarrollador


Thank you for putting in such a detailed review.
Your feedback has been noted and is appreciated

Best regards,
Ilyon Support.

Great game!


I look for one player games because I don’t like to rely on the availability of other players. This is a fine example. I would wish for shorter ads to get extra turns as the long ones chew up my data plan.

I find this game fairly challenging in that it holds my interest and makes down time go faster.

I grew with the poster who said that there should be more significant differences between the red and pink as they are very difficult to discern especially when you can only see a portion of the bubble when they’re at the top of the screen.

The ability to challenge random or “friends” is a desirable upgrade in my mind though as I said earlier I like this game because I can play solo.

This has become one of my favorites and quickly becomes addictive!

Lastly, when/if I choose to buy the bomb or the other special shot it would be nice if a purchase price popped up with the option! It would also be great to have the ability to purchase “bulk” fireballs, etc. at discounted/prorated prices.

Keep on keepin on!


Ilya Molodetsky
61.9 MB
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 4+
© Ilya Cookie
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