Buoy™ is the first complete smart home device for managing household water use, detecting leaks and shutting off water remotely. With water prices rising and availability falling, Buoy gives you the data to make informed decisions about how you use your water, saving money on your water bills and preventing catastrophic damage from leaks.

The Buoy app, in combination with the Buoy device, categorizes all the places you use water – indoors and outdoors – in real time, so you can use water where it matters most to you. Buoy will notify you when there’s a possible leak, and you can use the app to shut off your water remotely and prevent costly damage.


* See your water use by category, even when water is running
* Find out where you’re wasting money
* Get notified about leaks and unusual usage
* Shut off your water remotely

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What’s New

Version 5.5.0

We’re always improving Buoy, and this release fixes, polishes, refines, sharpens, and straight-up improves the Buoy app.

Ratings and Reviews

MacCruzIn ,

Alpha Quality

This is not an iOS App, it is a Generic Desktop Web Service masquerading as a Mobile App.

I have a laundry list of issues with this App.

iOS has some really nice touch controls that over the last decade have become 2nd nature for me and are not implemented in this App. Buoy's iOS interface is counter intuitive. You start thinking the UI is broken because the touch controls are not working to your expectations and experience. Therefore, I find this App burdensome and annoying to operate on my iOS device.

I expected Buoy to demonstrate it's AI. It asked me no questions that would help it spin up about our household, number of family members, or water schedule. How many bathrooms, a pool, landscaping, ect .... What about my water district recommendations for water usage? The Buoy App has no clue and a big fail.

The App provides no tips or tricks on how to control water usage, much less any documentation on the device itself and how it works. Yes, you get some random information displayed on the overview tab. You can't drill down and nothing specifically related to the appliance you might be inspecting for a leak or a high flow rate. Buoy provides no training on the App to look for leaks or conserve water flow.

No outside network, no data. Our world is subject to natural disasters, no household network is up 99.999% of the time. Water runs without power, potentially numerous leaks that need to be repaired if a disaster occurs. The device has a battery and so does my iPhone, but no mechanism to communicate with the device directly or a local data stor on my iPhone as a backup. It makes no sense, it has Bluetooth and WiFi interface, no reason not to support a local implementation.

The setup is easily hacked with well known WiFi address and setup interface. Unless you have physical security around Buoy any intruder can get to the device if it is placed outside, where most water pipe junctions are located.

If you have a water leak, it can be expensive, thousands of dolars per billing period, additional thousands in potential fines, and tens of thousands of dollars of water damage to your home. In this context any reasonable person would want this device installed immediately. I had a leak, unfortunately it took 3 weeks to install and a fire drill at the end.

I don't see any method to send myself water usage reports. If I have a leak and a dispute with the water district, do I show them my iPhone? Will they accept a green check box from Buoy as proof no leaks exists?

Overall this App is a lifeless boring display of data with clumsy controls to input data. No animations or any controls that make a iOS App unique. It might pass the standard for the Enterprise, but not the Consumer market and certainly not an Apple iOS App.

- Non standard iOS touch controls / interface.

- 1 pixel of green or red for online status. What if your color blind?

- No control center extension to sumarize water status.

- 3D touch is implemented to share Buoy App with your friends, not any information on your water status or send a report to your Water District.

- No Siri support.

- Bluetooth paired on 1st installed and hasn't worked since, get a can't connect message, although in the Buoy App settings it lists Bluetooth as on and active from the cloud.

- No advantage given to offload processing to the new iOS A11/ML processor to assist the AI, nor my 256 Gb of storage available for a local data stor.

This App / Device has great potential, but at best is Alpha quality for iOS. It doesn't support my Apple devices to the standards required to integrate into my Apple home.

Therefore, it gets 1 star from me until such time that Buoy updates the App to work within the Apple ecosystem and not some generic Desktop Web interface.

My Water District has installed a digital meter and a cellular interface because of my recent leaks. They did it the next day after I asked, the same day my Buoy arrived. As a comparison, it did not take 3 weeks. I am a veteran Silicon Valley Engineer, a early adopter, and willing to risk spending some money to learn the lastest technology. We will see how the Buoy compares against what my local water district may implement and what kind of interface they will offer as part of my water service.


Buoy Labs, Inc
27.7 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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