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By Krueger Systems, Inc.

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Calca is a powerful symbolic calculator that updates as you type giving you instant answers. It solves equations and simplifies complex expressions. It's also a rich Markdown text editor so that you can explain your ideas alongside your calculations.

Calca is perfect for professionals and students - anyone who works with numbers and equations. Variables and functions can be created with only a few keystrokes and can be manipulated with a rich library of operators and functions.

Calca updates as you type - just like a spreadsheet. You can declare variables, edit their values and watch everything update before your eyes. Since everything is calculated on the device - no network needed - you get answers instantaneously.

All calculations are stored as plain text so you can easily share them with other editors and move them from device to device. Calca has been designed to work with iCloud documents so all your devices can access your calculations - you'll always have the latest files ready for viewing and editing.

Calca comes with a suite of examples to help you get started covering topics from home mortgages to kinetics. All these examples are fully explained within Calca itself.

Are you still using a desktop calculator? Are you using the silly calculator with the giant buttons that came with your OS? Computers are much more capable than doing simple one-line arithmetic - put your machine to work with Calca!

Calculation Features:

• Variables `x = 42`
• Functions `f(c) = 9/5*c + 32` and even recursive functions
• Units `42 mph in kmph` and currency `¥599 in $`
• Solves equations (`x + 2x + 4x = 42`, what is x?)
• Matrices with inverses so you can solve linear equations
• Sum, prod, map, and reduce operations on lists, matrices, and ranges
• Trigonometry and complex numbers
• Derivatives of functions
• Logic operations and if statements
• Binary math (& and |) and support for binary and hex number (`0xA9` and `0b1010`)
• Keeps track of units (m, s, m/s, m/s^2, etc.) so you can verify your equations as you compute

Please visit to see lots of examples. Thank you for looking!

What's New in Version 1.2

• Improved Markdown styling
• Powerful unit and currency conversions
• Control output precision and number grouping
• JSON syntax for data
• Summing definitions to make lists easier
• Many bug fixes, new examples, and so much more!


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Customer Reviews


The worst thing about developers relying upon the App Store as their sole distribution channel has to be the fact that it is now impossible to try anything out before you buy it. Granted, the price is not extravagant in any way, but if I had to do it over again, I probably wouldn’t buy Calca.

It works well enough for its intended purpose, and I generally find it more intuitive than a spreadsheet, but given the fact that it’s chosen to present its entire UI through a text editor, it’s an absolutely miserable one. The goofy font changes that happen as you type make it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything and are a rather poor substitute for actual syntax highlighting. If you don’t like the font in general, too bad; all you can change the size. Prefer something other than a garish white field to stare at? Sorry, no deal. Tab stops? It’s anybody’s guess where they’ll fall. Who needs to align anything? Crazy people, apparently. But hey, it supports Markdown, so John Gruber’s going to plug it no matter what.

Obviously it makes no sense to even try to mimic anyone’s favorite text editor since their feature sets can be quite voluminous, but at the very least, make it possible to edit a text file open in Calca in something else that actually works and have it pick up the changes for re-rendering. This doesn’t work at all, so don’t bother trying.

I like the idea, but it should probably be implemented as a plugin of some sort rather than an anemic application.

Useful tool for documenting systems

I really like this application, but I do wish that it supported multimarkdown in addition to markdown. In particular, I would like to be able to specify subscripts for matrix element notation which is possible with multimark down as follows:


Unfortunately, Calcula does not support the ‘~’ character as a valid character in a variable name. This feature alone would make Cacula much more valueble to me.

I do realize that the program is still relatively new and is evolving, so hopefully the developer will read this comment as a feature request.

Edit: I have not observed the application crashes noted by others on here, but my documents are rarely over 5 or 10 pages and symbolic calculations are generally simple algebraic expressions with few function definitions.

Ingenious and useful

I love this app. It’s very useful for the kind of back-of-the-envelope planning for which you might previously have used a spreadsheet, but I find it easier. It stays true to Markdown’s spirit of using minimal special characters for formatting, but it extends this sensibility to math. The sync works perfectly, and the visual styling of your text is the same across platforms.

It’s a great, lightweight app, and I keep finding new uses for it. Well done!

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  • $4.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Nov 06, 2013
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 4.5 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Krueger Systems, Inc.

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

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