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Impress your friends and family with the best looking calculator available. Calculate is minimal, sleek, simple, beautiful, and everything you wish you were. Stop wishing. Calculate is here to make your life better.

Calculate your life with Calculate, the easy-to-use calculator.

Do you like clean interfaces? Calculate is for you. Do you like black AND white? Calculate is for you. Hate doing math in your head? Calculate is for you.

Calculate lets you add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. Just like every other calculator. Think back to the first calculator you ever used. When you use Calculate, you'll be flooded with feelings of nostalgia, causing you to feel happiness like never before.

Calculate is about more than empty promises (despite the impression you may have gotten from this description). Calculate is my first child. It's the first app that I've ever made and published. It embodies nearly everything I've learned up until this point. And now I'd like to pass it onto you. Please, take it with open arms. Treat it kindly and make good use of it.

Also, please tell me what you think about Calculate with a review. Honest reviews would be great, but if you just rate 5 stars, I'm totally cool with that. I'll make updates to Calculate over time and it will blossom into a more useful app as I learn more about programming.

Thanks for taking the time to look over Calculate, my first iPhone app. I sincerely hope you enjoy using it. Keep an eye out for other apps of mine!


Versión 1.1

Just a few changes for you to enjoy:

• A bug prevented the use of zeroes after decimal points. Kicked the bug out. Zeroes happily working with decimal points now.

• The operation buttons were begging for more attention. A spotlight will shine on any operation you use now.

• Cleaned up some of the code! Over 5,000 unnecessary lines of code have been swept up and tossed out.

Reseñas de los clientes

Sleekest calculator I've ever seen.


Most calculators attempt to try to put to much onto it. This is the first simple, minimalistic calculator I have found. I would highly recommend this is to anyone. It was programmed extremely well and that is really reflected in the app.

Great app and design!


Very easy to use and love the design!



Very minimal and simple, love it!


David Seitz Jr
2.2 MB
Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 4+
© David Seitz Jr 2014


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