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By Oliver Denman

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The little app that helps you sleep.

Do you spend all night at your computer; working, writing, reading? Do you find it hard to sleep afterwards?

By reducing the amount of blue light emitted by your monitor, Candlelight helps maintain your body's natural nocturnal rhythm.

You see, it's all to do with light and chemistry.

Your body produces a chemical called melatonin. Melatonin is important because it helps you fall asleep. Normally, you produce more melatonin at night because sunlight suppresses its production during the day.

The trouble is, in this electronic world, we are surrounded by a multitude of light sources that mimic sunlight. In particular, modern lightbulbs and computer displays throw out enough blue light to fool our bodies into thinking that it's daytime; even if it's past twelve midnight. If you use a computer late at night, production of melatonin can be suppressed and you may find your sleep quality suffers.

Many people have found that wearing orange tinted glasses after dark improves their sleep. But what if you don't have a pair of orange tinted glasses?

Never fear. Candlelight is here to help. Candlelight mimics the orange glasses effect. By careful application of computer magic, the Candlelight app reduces the blue component of your Mac's display, leaving only the warm amber glow of candlelight.

If you're at your Mac well past the witching hour, switch the room light off, turn Candlelight on, and you may find that using the app leads to a better night's sleep.

**Note for customers who cannot get the app to run**

When Candlelight launches, its icon should appear on the status bar (at the top right of the screen). Clicking on this icon will reveal the app's menu. 'Turn Candlelight On' is the second option.

What's New in Version 1.3

Fixed issue affecting some MacBook Pro users.


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Customer Reviews

Light-sensitive eyes; relieved pain from eye strain immediately!!

I am always up late studying…18 credits was a genius idea this semester…and my eyes were really starting to bother me; to the point the pain and dryness from the eye strain was detracting from my productivity. Out of desperation tonight, I started looking for a Mac version of Night Shift for iPhone. I came across this app, but the screen was so orange in the picture preview I wasn’t sure I’d like it.

IT IS AMAZING!!! It’s easy to turn on and off with the little icon in the status bar on the top of the desktop (near where the internet connection/strength appears), and you can adjust the brightness and the saturation of the orange with the little icon too which makes it easy to adjust as needed. MY EYES WERE IMMEDIATELY RELIEVED!!! I can work in a dark room and my eyes are not straining. I only wish that I thought to get this app sooner.

Good price too….$2 to relieve my eye pain? Yes, please!!

I just wanted to say thanks..

Thank you for creating this app!! I write a lot. Ofdten 20,000 words per work.. and that’s just what people pay me for. I write often on my own.. All those hours on the computer were killing my eyes. I started getting migraines and had to wear my tinted shooting goggles if I had any chance of working for more than a few hours without getting a searing pain in my eye. (Sorry if it is TMI)

Anyway, it was miserable. In deperation, I googled the problem and this app came up. It was less than a buck, so why not try it.. oh my goodness… not only was it very easy to use but as soon as I turned it on, I could feel my eyes relax. It is wonderful!! I couldn’t recommend Candlelight more.

Great App need to launch from top Macboob menu bar

This app is great for people with trouble sleeping that need amber light to block out blue light before bed. You can cange and adjust the amount of orange and bright to dark in the settings. I found out you need to launch this from the small Candle Icon at the top of the Macbook screen once it is installed, its weird it will do nothing if you try and run it and click on it from Applications, You need to click the candle and Turn Candlelight On.. :) Enjoy Great app

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Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

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