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Casino is a fast paced, two player card game. Try to match your wits against the greedy computer or play a friend over WIFI! This app does not involve gambling and should not be confused with other games under the general "Casino" title.

General App Features:
1. Casino is available on iphone and ipad devices
2. An interactive tutorial is provided to teach new players the game basics. This can be activated from the title screen.
3. Play single-player games against a challenging computer opponent
4. A wide variety of statistics is maintained for each opponent you play
5. Game settings can be customized from either the title screen or a popup window during the game play.
6. Game state is saved when the app is left idle and can be restored the next game play.

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Versión 4.3.80

Fixed issue to allow game statistics preservation

Valoraciones y reseñas

Excited at first, but the game Rules are way off.


I've been playing casino for over 20 years and was initially glad I found an app for it. But I have to say that I have never seen it played like this. The changing of builds is ridiculous. You make a double 7 build by putting a 4-3-7 together, the computer throws a 6 on it and changes it all to 10????? That's not how I learned the game at all. You think you have a solid build and you don't because of something stupid like that. Takes all the strategy and card counting out of the game.

Also, most cards should be 3 points and most spades 1.

Fix these issues and the game would be great.

Really fun, but one occasional bug is an annoyance


This is really fun and addictive, like playing with cards. The only problem is that if the computer does two builds of the same value, the game freezes and you have no choice but to end the game and start over. For example, if computer starts a build of 10, and then after the player's turn it starts a second build of 10, it will not play any further. Why not add to the original build of 10 rather than create 2 builds?

Nice AI


I've tried a few Casino games and this one is the best as regards a computer opponent.

Granted, one needs to go to the highest level to get a good challenge, but still this is an excellent game. No ADS!

I recommend this to anyone who wants a stiff challenge and a clean interface. The only negative is the annoying sound when you made a mistake. Be nice to be able to change that sound to something a little more pleasing.


Carl Scafidi
52.1 MB
Requiere iOS 11.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 4+
© Carl Scafidi


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