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Everything in the new CNET app (designed for both iPhone and iPad) is focused on the areas that you -- as a tech fan -- care the most about: staying up-to-date with the news and making informed product purchases.

- FEATURED STORIES: Don’t have much time but need to stay in the know? CNET combines editorial picks with popular and trending news to feature the most important stories in the tech world.
- LATEST STORIES: Never miss a beat with our broad coverage. Nearly 100 new items published daily! Topics include:
- Technology industry and companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and more)
- Key technology categories such as mobile, computers, internet, and security
- Related topics such as culture, science, and entertainment (yes, CNET does talk about Star Trek occasionally)
- STUNNING GALLERIES: Easily view CNET’s beautiful photography within galleries on a single page.
- BREAKING NEWS ALERTS: Get timely notifications on CNET’s exclusive scoops and in-depth features.

- HUGE PRODUCT BREADTH: Whatever type of product you’re interested in (phones, headphones, smart home devices, and more), CNET helps you find the best, at the best price. The independent reviews team spends countless hours putting everything through the ringer so you don’t have to! If it has an “on” button, odds are CNET reviews it.
- FIND THE BEST: Want the best wireless headphones, but don’t have time to wade through every single product review? That’s understandable -- CNET has written literally thousands of them. With that in mind, CNET’s made recommendations for the best of the best just a quick tap away.
- SEARCH ANY PRODUCT: If the best lists don’t have it, CNET’s search definitely does. It’s anchored by the largest tech product review catalog in the world. If that’s not enough, how about lightning-fast autosuggestions powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Fancy tech words FTW! OMGLOLBBQ!
- IMMERSIVE VIDEO: Quickly learn about a product with CNET’s premium video reviews, which accompany nearly all of CNET’s reviews (in case you forgot by now, there are *thousands* of these).
- IN-DEPTH REVIEWS: Need to know more than the highlights? No problem. CNET’s high-quality reviews are done with hours of research and testing, and our reviews provide you with all that data and analysis, along with clear recommendations with our signature “Good, Bad, and Bottom Line” and rating summary. CNET saves you time and money by helping you find the right product quickly.
- FAST-TRACK PURCHASE: You’ve read the review, compared it against a few others, and you’re ready to buy - nice. You’re a tap away from buying it, and at the best price.

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What's New

Version 4.2.2

We made it easier to AirPlay your favorite videos by adding the icon to the playback bar. If you're on an iPad, the feed should no longer get stuck when you're scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Deals links had a bug where they were sending you off to the Netherlands sometimes, but that's been corrected, click away with confidence.

Ratings and Reviews

2.2 out of 5

659 Ratings

659 Ratings

Brutal update to app - getting better


Feb. 19 Update. Raised from 1 star to 3 stars. Progress is being made, especially nice to be able to save articles, and videos are easier to find. Still need to work on some issues below, and also crashing issue, especially videos that crash and make you watch ad again to finish video. FYI, can’t log in on iPad, or at least isn’t obvious not to log in.

I've been a loyal reader since I got my first iPad about five years ago. First, they have ended many of their best features like Dong NGO, Bridget Carey updates, the 404, and How to videos. Now they refresh the interface. They eliminated saving articles...great idea...nobody wants to save some articles mid-week and look at them during free time on the weekend, right? They also removed the ability to search for videos and articles. After purging great staff the last couple years, one of the last interesting features is Brian Tong's AppleByte. Wish I could find it to watch in the next couple of days, but you removed the ability to search for subject articles or writer/reviewers. The new interface is nice, but how stupid can you be as a news organization to remove ability to search for and save articles? Sorry Chris Matuszak, I like a lot of your quirky stories, but I'm not going to open every article hoping to see one of yours. BTW, half the articles have to be opened at least twice to get them to load. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

Developer Response

UPDATED REPLY 2: Thank you for the extra star! Can you please email so we can help resolve that crash issue for you ASAP? As to login - that is high on our roadmap. We hope to get this out this out to you soon. In the meantime, thank you for your loyalty.

UPDATED REPLY 1: Thanks again for being such a passionate CNET fan. I wanted to update you as we've recently been working on some features that I think will make you happy! 1) Saving articles - In addition to restoring your saved articles, we've also recently added functionality that will allow you to save new ones! 2) Apple Byte - We've made it easier to watch your favorite video series like Apple Byte, right from the news section (it's right below the fold). 3) Finding articles by topic and author - actively working on this! Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our latest release (4.2) and let us know what you think!
ORIGINAL REPLY: Thanks for your candid feedback - you are absolutely correct in that we've got some work to do. To start, I am happy to say that we have restored all your saved bookmarks in 4.1.2, and the ability to add new ones is coming very soon. We're also looking at making it easier to get to your favorite video series, and ultimately make it easier to find the news you're interested in - the topics and authors you love.

Thank you for your loyalty as we work to make the app better for you.

Used to be great, not so much now...


First and foremost, CNET'S app has been my ONLY source of daily news for years now... After stopping use of Facebook years ago cnet became a place where I would socialize through commenting on articles in which I'd read. Nowadays it's frustrating to use the app for cnet. I haven't been able to comment on an article through the app for at least 6 months now (way before the newest major app update.) No longer being able to comment on articles has made me less active on CNET as a feel like a non participant now. To make matters worse I can't hardly get articles to load in a timely fashion, it's like I'm on dial up loading an article even when my same wifi or data connection can stream a movie in 4k with no lag in loading up or buffering while playing. I could maybe get past all of that and stick with cnet but then the major app update recently makes me want to delete the app altogether. No more saved articles (which was a highly used feature by me.) The UI is so bright white everywhere now and obnoxious to my eyes, loved the black and red of the old user interface. I've tried apples smart invert to make it less obnoxious but the app isn't compatible with that feature... The videos are hard to watch now too as they seem to stay in portrait mode. What happened to you cnet?! I'm not going to use a browser version, please bring back the cnet app I used to check 4 times a day at least and not the app that I might check once a day now.

Developer Response

Thank you for your thoughtful review - all your points are well taken. I'll do my best to answer them one by one.

1) Commenting - this is definitely high on roadmap. We did return the ability to view comments in 4.0, but we recognize that's only half the story. I won't offer any excuses here on why it's taking so long because it won't (and shouldn't) matter to you. But we definitely plan to add this functionality back early next year.

2) Performance - we've made several performance improvements in our last few updates to make articles load faster. Can you please take a look at our latest version, 4.1.3, and let me know if it's any better? If it's not, please let us know at so we can look into this for you ASAP.

3) Saved articles - I'm happy to let you know we've restored all your saved articles as well as added the ability to save new ones in our latest update, 4.1.3. Please update and let us know what you think!

4) Dark mode - you aren't alone in this request, it is on our roadmap. Not as high as commenting tho :)

5) Videos in portrait mode - there should be a fullscreen button that should auto-rotate video to landscape. Does that not happen? Please let us know if that isn't working for you.

Lastly and most importantly - thank you for your loyalty as we make the app better for you.

Don’t fix something that isn’t broken


For years I loved waking up in the morning and reading articles about amazing tech new that’s happening now. At times I found and saved interesting articles to read later or looked back at previous articles I read in the past to show a friends. Now these two amazing features saving and searching, not to mention looking up products on the go to see what your awesome staff has to say before I impulsively buy something in the store or online. Has taken it all away, Lol!! Why oh why did you try to fix something that works just fine? To be honest I have never wrote reviews on an app, mainly cuz it never really bothered me... until now! Please, please, please, change your app back it was one of my favorite things to do/ read in the morning with my cup of coffee!! And now I’m just frustrated, also because it took me 15 minuets to find the Apple bite article till finally I decided to go on my laptop and watch it! Enough said!!!

Developer Response

UPDATED REPLY: Thanks again for being such a passionate CNET fan. I wanted to update you as we've recently been working on some features that I think will make you happy! 1) Saving articles - In addition to restoring your saved articles, we've also recently added functionality that will allow you to save new ones! 2) Searching - per below, we definitely want you to be able to search for any product to research before buying. Please don't hesitate to email and let us know what searches aren't working for you so that we can fix it ASAP. 3) Apple Byte - Arguably most importantly, we've made it easier to watch your favorite video series like Apple Byte, right from the news section (it's right below the fold). Check out our latest release (4.2) and let us know what you think! ORIGINAL REPLY: Thanks for your candid feedback - all your points are well taken, and we're going to try to fix all of them for you! Firstly, regarding saved articles - I'm happy to let you know we've restored all your saved articles in 4.1.2, with the ability to add new bookmarks soon to come. Secondly, regarding search and looking up product reviews on the go - all of this functionality should be available in the "products" section - please let us know if this isn't working for you! Lastly, regarding video - while all videos (including Apple Byte) are available in the latest news section, we understand scrolling through this can be tedious, and we are actively working on making this better for you. In the meantime, thank you for your loyalty.


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Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
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