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ColorSchemer Studio


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★ Apple Staff Favorite! ★

ColorSchemer Studio makes it fun, fast and easy to find the perfect palette for your next creative project. Whether you're designing a web site, magazine layout, picking wedding colors, or painting your living room, get your colors right the first time with ColorSchemer Studio.

• Work with RGB and CMYK colors in a color-managed environment.
• Create and save custom color palettes.
• Pull unique palettes from photos or images.
• Transform a single color into a complete color scheme.
• Build custom LiveScheme formulas.

• Browse, search and download more than 1 million pre-made color palettes with integration.
• Visualize color harmonies and relationships on a dynamic artist's color wheel.
• Mix colors and create gradient blends.
• Find similar or related color variations.
• Grab colors from anywhere on your screen.

• Preview colors on a variety of website, blog, print and pattern layouts.
• Analyze contrast, readability, and accessibility.
• View colors through colorblind eyes.

• Import colors from websites or swatch files.
• Export colors to many popular apps and formats.
• Print your color schemes.


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Customer Reviews

Like It, But Has Room for Growth

What I like: Imports many file formats, and I especially like that it imports Adobe .ASE files. The program is easy and intuitive to use. The ability to capture colors from an image works reasonably well.

Things I'd like to see improved: More libraries in the Libraries panel, such as Pantone colors. The Color Wheel view seems a little redundant to me; and more to the point, I'd like to see the scheme presets on that panel (Complements, Split Complements, Triads, etc.) added to the LiveSchemes panel where they'd be handy, instead of making the user switch between panels to select another preset. The Gallery Browser would be vastly more useful if it allowed a greater degree of sorting options, such as newest, most loved, most views, and most favorites; browsing 1.7 million color sets by name only is too difficult. It would be nice if the PhotoSchemer allowed for picking more than 10 colors out of photo. Also a way to share/publish to COLOURlovers would be great. It would be nice if the QuickPreview retained element color assignments between templates; that is, if you assign the header to be one color, and then change to a different template, the header should be the color you assigned and not default back to gray.

Overall, I recommend it, but I hope to see some features developed further!

Wow! Brilliant Concept…Easy for all Developers!

I have always struggled with imagination; I struggle to see anything releated to colors before seeing many examples. Saddly, my wife is a Ninja with all types of crafts and painting but I am absolutley no help to her since I cannot see what she can vision before beginning. However, the ColorSchemer Studio App is so impressive! I’ve been building multiple websiteas over the past few months, two being commerce, which it’s too easy to follow similar color patterns once I have visuallized a final product. Saddle, it limits my ability to be creative. The ColorSchemer does it all!!!! Within 5-minutes of downloading the app, I had allready created two color schemes which are beautiful allowing me to personalize two of my sites in relation to some images the customer wants posted. This tool is a must for all developers!!! It’s easy to learn and the results are incredible! Well done CHROMAom Inc. Please keep the updates coming!

Polished, Powerful and Practical

Amidst a sea of mediocrity, ColorSchemer Studio is a welcome anomaly in the App Store landscape.

I purchased this app months ago, but forgot about it until recently. After using it for a couple days now, I felt compelled to stop my work and write a quick review—adding my praise to the what appears to be a chorus of positive reviews. Far too often, apps seem to draw you in with slick looking interfaces, only to let you down when it comes to the little details (or sometimes, even the core functionalities). This app is quite the opposite.

"Everything just works," is how I'd characterize this app.
• Think you should be able to click on something and delete it with the "Delete" key? You can.
• Think you should be able to drag this thing to that thing (or select multiple things and drag them all)? You can.
• Think you should be able to double-click and rename this or that? You can.
• Think it would be neat if you could drag this swatch to a different app without any complication? You can.

I'd like to see a couple of minor tweaks (below), but on the whole, this app is very useful, and a pleasure to use.

Suggested tweaks:
— increase width of "color history" drop-down menu (toolbar) so values aren't truncated
— retain hex value upon double-clicking to rename (instead of clearing the entire field automatically)

ColorSchemer Studio
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  • Category: Graphics & Design
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  • Version: 2.1
  • Size: 1.9 MB
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later

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