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ColorSlurp lets you work fast! Set custom shortcuts to show the magnifier or picker. Import and export from any format and edit colors with ease. All from the menu bar or a separate window.

Pick a color and it will automatically be copied to the main format. Need to copy to something else? Just hold command and select the exact format you want!

Copy any color format into your clipboard and ColorSlurp will import it with a click. Or, just paste it in!

Access your saved or recent colors, show the magnifier, or edit colors. Just a touch away!

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Version 1.3.1

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Inaccurate color but nice GUI


The app looks nice has a simple and obvious UI and has a Dark Option. I give the app two stars for that.

The main problem is that the colors don’t match Apple’s colors. This makes the app unusable for me, I need colors to match between all my graphic arts apps and utilities. For testing why colors where not looking right, I am picking colors from Apple’s Color Picker with the Crayon Swatches selected. I also have Apple’s Color Meter open to record what Apple says the color’s value is, since I am using macOS High Sierra, I will take what Apple’s app says the color to be as the “correct color”. The color picker app Pikka also agrees with Apple’s Color meter, for what it is worth. Changing the color profile setting is ColorSlurp doesn’t seem to change anything about the way the color is being calculated as far as I can tell.

I tested six colors with six failures.
Clover #128D15 “slurped” as #008E00
Marchino #FC2A1C “slurped” as #FF2600
Banana #FFFA84 “slurped as #FFFC78
Tangerine #FD9326 “slurped” as #FF9400
Sky #7AD6FD “slurped” as #76D5FF
Orchid #7B84FC “slurped” as #7A80FF

The RGB and HSB volaues are also wrong in ColorSlurp when compared to Apple’s Color Meter app (and Pikka).

Another issue is about 30% of the time I cannot move the color picker from the screen where ColorSlurp is open to another screen, it gets stopped at the screen edge but sometimes it will just stop breifly and if I keep banging the color picker against the edge of the screen it will finally pass to the other screen. I use a three montor setup so this is an annoying bug. I have not been able to identify a pattern to why it sometimes gets stuck passing to other screens.

Developer Response

ColorSlurp absolutely does pick accurate colors and matches Apple's Digital Color Meter.

You have actually found a bug where even though the color is picked correctly, the hex value is being displayed in sRGB. If you change the value to be displayed in the magnifier to RGB, then the color will be shown correctly. We'll release an update as soon as possible to fix this.

That said, here are couple things you can do.

It's likely that you have a different color profile selected in the Digital Color Meter or the Apple Color Picker. If you set both ColorSlurp and Digital Color Meter to sRGB, the color when picked from ColorSlurp's magnifier should be the exact color in the Digital Color Meter. Also, the Apple color picker only picks colors in sRGB and the crayons only display using sRGB so make sure that if you're testing on the Apple color picker, you're using the sRGB color profile in ColorSlurp and the Digital Color Meter.

If the magnifier lags when moving to another monitor this is a known issue witch affects other applications.

If your still having issues please contact us at:


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