A Beautiful and Intuitive Color Picker and Color Palette Generator - A necessary addition to any web/app developer's toolbox!

It’s super easy to generate unlimited Color Palettes with quick access to all color information, and on the fly code generation for app development. The editable Palette database allows you to archive and restore any color palette for later use with super quick search.

Access to the MacOS Color Wheel can be tedious by default, but ColorWell can be configured to show it via global hotkey or a quick mouse click from your system menu bar. This allows you to quickly grab hex/rgb/hsl/hsb/Lab/cmyk and code snippets from any color source.

If you’ve ever needed to quickly generate a color palette from a source (or multiple source) image(s), then the Palette Generator is exactly what you need. You can grab any source image(s) and drop them into the Generator window to generate a color palette of the most common colors present in the image(s). Of course you can save any palettes you generate in the ColorWell Palette database!

Here’s some uses for ColorWell (I’m sure there are many more!):
-Store and instantly retrieve unlimited color palettes
-Create color palettes by dragging and dropping images
-Quickly grab hex / rgb / hsl / hsb / Lab / cmyk / swift/objc code snippets from any source.
-Easily convert between hex / rgb / hsl / hsb / Lab and cmyk.
-Quickly eyeball any hex / rgb / hsl / hsb / Lab / cmyk color.
-Quick conversion of hex / rgb / hsl / hsb / Lab / cmyk or the colorpicker into NSColor / UIColor Objective-C or Swift ready code.

What's New

Version 6.8.1

fixed a small issue with the Names last updated string

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This is exactly what I needed. It gives me access to the color picker from the desktop. it's fast, stable, and inexpensive. It also allows you to add your own custom key command to open it up. The only wish I would have is to have the key custom command toggle visibility (show/hide) of of app instead of just opening it.



We are a mac based design studio. We need to reference the OSX color wheel all through the day .
This app ColorWell, eliminates all the old steps required to access the OS X color wheel. Great,
easy app.

Developer Response


Excellent Support!!! Perfect App!!!


Latest Updated Review:
Everything I asked for and more has been added to this app. If I could rate it more than five stars I would because it now does exactly what I want it to do. I have only used the newest update for less than a day but I honestly have not had a single “I wish it would do…” or “I wish I could stop it doing…” moment that I experience with nearly every other app I use. Unlike the majority of Apps I’ve purchased on the App Store, this is a very well done and usefull time-saving app that is very affordable. It was five dollars very well spent. As I mentioned in my last update, the support is amazing. The developer has several times let me know that he is implementing features I’ve asked for and even that it was submitted to Apple for reveiw and when it became available to update. If you use color in your work even a little bit then you should seriously consider this app. The app is great and so is the support, with active developement and at five dollars you can’t beat it.

Updated Review:
Beiside my review here, I used the feedback feature of the app to send a report to the developer about the inaccurate colors. The same day the developer got back to me the error was corrected and also sresonded to some of my wish list requests. The next day an updated app was in the App Store that nor only fixed the inaccute colors but added most of the features I asked for and said in an email that he would consider adding CMYK and LAB color values. I have upgraded my review from two to five stars for fixing the accurracy issue and adding features that are helpful to me. The support was amazing, most other developers here on the App Store don’t support their apps and the vast majority seem to be abandoned. I no longer regret my purchase and will be using this app as my go to color picker! Thank you Russell!!!!

Original Review:
The values that this app are reporting do not match fhose reported by Apple’s Color Meter. There is no way in the app to change the colorspace being used, it appears to be sRGB which is not the colorspace my monitors are using nor is it the colorspace my graphics apps are using. For example, With color meter open, and ColorWell open and the Swatches and Crayon colors are displayed if I mouse over a color, say Clover, Apple reports it as #128D15 yet ColorWell says it is #008F00. I tried experimented six times and all six times the colors were not matching Apple's reported volues. Changing Color Meter to display sRGB will match ColorWell but not match anything else I use. This lack of flexibility makes the usability of this app very limited for me.

The app has three little buttons, the left-most have pop-up tips that say what they do, the right one doesn’t. Clicking the right one doesn’t obviously do anything either, what is this button? A tool-tip would be really helpfull since teh app doesn’t actually have help in the help menu option.

I like the design of the app and all the preference options to opne it at login and control how it displays on screen, but becase the color values, not just the HEX but the RGB and HSB values are messed up I can’t use this to get the values of a color and then bring that color into an app that the doesn’t have a color picker that will work in all dialogs, Affinity Designer for example.

I would also like to ability to turn off the display of the code values. I don’t care what the objective C and swift code is. What I would like to have is LAB color and CMYK color values. It would also be nice if I had teh option to keep the Apple color picker open and on top of other apps as well as ColorWell. Another feature that would be nice is a history of snapped colors and back button. I’ve accidently clicked one of the colors along the right side of teh GUI and lost the color I had and then have to go and snap it all over again. Speking of these colorwells on the right side of the app. I can’t seem to turn them off and I can’t seem to change them. I don’t find them usefull at all and their purpose there is unknown. Again, no help or manual available for the app.

I am not rating it very high primarily because it doesn’t give me the right values for the color. I think that is a very big issue. All the other complaints are the types of things that for me make an app user-friendly and likely to be used frequently. As it stands, I just spent five dollars for an app that doesn’t work correctly if I use Apple’s Color Meter (or the app as a guideline.

Developer Response

Hey ChrisPKnight,

Ive fixed most of your concerns in the forthcoming v6.1 update:
-I've fixed the color values being slightly off
-theres a new ColorSpace picker in Preferences
-there's now an option to choose between HSL or HSB in preferences
-I even added a tooltip to the drag button - which allows you to drag the current color to one of the small color tabs to the right of the main window. You use this feature to create color palettes which you can save and restore in the Palettes View

As for Lab, and CYMK colors, I have this working in a dev build im running. Ill try and find a way to incorporate them into ColorWell without cluttering up the UI.

thanks for the great feedback!


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