CotEditor is a light-weight, neat, yet powerful text editor designed for editing plain-text files such as web pages (HTML, CSS), program source codes (Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.), structured texts (Markdown, Textile, TeX, etc.), or any other kind of plain-text.

Just For Mac

The application is exactly made for macOS. CotEditor looks and behaves just as macOS applications should. It means, you already know how to use it even on the first launch. There are no complex configuration files that require geek knowledge so that you can access all your settings including syntax definitions and themes from a standard preferences window.

Quick, Easy, and Powerful

CotEditor launches so quick that you can write your text immediately when you want to. It's perfect for you to write a draft version of your document or a scratch code. The simply organized user interface doesn't disturb your task. However, at the same time, CotEditor is neither a software only for beginners nor a typical minimal “zen-style” editor. It is fully customizable. There are, of course, syntax highlighting feature for various languages, find and replace with the regular expression, auto-indentation, command-line tool, and lots of other deep functions. You can also easily write your own macro in your favorite languages.

Key Features

• Syntax highlighting including more than 50 preset languages
• Powerful find and replace with the regular expression
• Auto-backup with/without overwriting actual document files
• Line numbers view
• Live character/word/line count
• Handling file encoding and line endings with care
• Auto-generated outline menu for fast navigation
• Character inspector that shows the zoomed glyph and Unicode information
• Vertical text layout mode
• Various Unicode normalizations
• Semi-transparent window
• Command-line tool
• Scriptable with your favorite language
• JCK-languages friendly
• RTL writing direction support

What's New

Version 3.4.0

New Features

- Replace matches with preset replacement definition (Find > Multiple Replace).
- Add outline menu to side bar.
- Select tabbed window with Cmd+number.
- Parse regular expression pattern in find string field in regular expression mode:
 - Syntax highlight.
 - Highlight matching brace by moving cursor.
 - Select the range surrounded by a brace pair by double-clicking a brace.
- Add a new theme “Resinifictrix”.


- Give haptic feedback on pinch zoom when the scale becomes 100%.
- Adjust background color for selected range in inactive editor to avoid unreadable text, especially by a dark theme.
- Make the current line highlight semi-transparent if editor opacity is not 100%.
- Ignore brackets escaped with \ on bracket pair highlight.
- Restore selected inspector pane on window restoration.
- Move “Get Info” and “Show Incompatible Characters” menu items into newly added View > Inspector submenu.
- Update highlight style of icons in the side inspector.
- Enable importing multiple syntax/theme setting files at once.
- Import syntax style files via drag and drop to the Installed Syntax Styles area.
- Avoid merging multiple separators next to each other in the navigation menu into a single separator.
- Delete the feature alerting inconsistent encoding declaration in document on saving.
- Remove Cmd+1 shortcut for Console from default key-binding settings.
- Avoid switching to inactive tabbed window only to show a syntax highlighting indicator.
- Remove the workaround for the issue of editor scrolling on early macOS High Sierra that was introduced on CotEditor 3.2.4.
- Optimize syntax highlighting performance.
- Update “Java” syntax style by adding term var.


- Fix a possible crash with continuous find/replacement.
- Fix an issue where the font settings cannot be changed on macOS 10.12.
- Fix an issue where the cursor position did not follow the line when Move Up command was performed at the end of the document.
- Fix an issue where the find result in the input field of the find panel did not clear when a new find string was set from the find history menu.
- Fix an issue where the sidebar inspector did close inward when the pane was switched after opening the sidebar outward.
- Fix an issue where snippet keybindings could not be restored to the default correctly.
- Fix an issue where progress spinner for outline menu displayed unwantedly on document opening.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5

15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Excellent. Top shelf software.


CotEditor is easy to use, full-featured and just plain looks gorgeous. I had never heard of this app before - what an amazing surprise.

Fantastic for shell script design

Hal Itosis

I'm really lovin' this (free) editor. THANKS, Mineko!

Easy to use


I am new to HTML and CSS on Mac and I found recommendation of CotEditor online. Just downloaded it and gave it a try; it has very simple design and is very easy to use, especially I guess for people like me who has no demanding task on HTML and instead only need to maintain personal website from time to time. I would recommend this to all light users but not sure if it is good for hard-core web developers.


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English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
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Rated 4+
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