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By Arlen Anderson

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CraigShopper is a search tool designed to make life easier by saving you time & money.

CraigShopper is not affiliated with craigslist in any way.

Why Do You Need It?
You'll save time. If you've ever spent much time searching craigslist then this app will revolutionize your life. Seriously. No more constant searching.

You'll save money. Ever find a great deal just to find out someone else got it first? CraigShopper will give you the advantage by letting you know when something you're looking for is posted.

CraigShopper makes searching easy. Search several locations or even entire countries simultaneously. Quit searching locations one at a time.

Did I mention it's fast?

+ Email Notifications
+ Growl Notifications
+ Set Different Notifcation Options For Each Search
+ Search Multiple Locations and Categories
+ Multithreaded Searches
+ Integrated Browser
+ Ads Can Be Marked For Later or Hidden Entirely
+ Enter Strict Search Parameters or Just Browse

What's New in Version 2.0.14

Added support for craigslist's new image hosting


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Customer Reviews

Assume the best there is for Mac desktop, and it is pretty darn good.

I’m giving this 5 stars, because I think it is pretty good for the Mac, and probably the best there is. There are a few organizational things that I wish were different, and maybe more similar to Escargot’s cPRO+ or Craigslist+ (whichever it is called now) on the iPhone/iPad. But these are mostly nit pics - e.g. I wish marking/saving items was a little bit more intuitive, and that reviewing all of the marked items was easier to do. Right now I always have to think about where the “mark” command is, and then the marked items get saved under the individual searches instead of in a master list. (Arlen, would be quite helpful to have a master list of saved items and make that sortable and groupable). It could also use a little improvement in creating new searches - I’d like to create a default set of cities, but if you create a search from scratch, you have to pick cities for each search. But it is plenty easy just to “duplicate” an existing search as this carries forward all the settings from that search, and then you can change the search string. Overall, the program is fast, and makes Craigslist searching and monitoring much faster. Love it.

Great App…after you figure it out on your own

This is a very, very helpful CL shopping tool. For some of my ongoing searches I’m using nationwide, some are just a few states, and some are just local.

When I want to sell an item I can quickly find everyone in the country to see if I’m pricing it properly. When someone wants to come down on price I can respond with “I’ve seen 15 of these for sale across the country. I know I’m priced right. And next closest one for sale is 400 miles away."

I like you can give the search a custom name. By adding (WA & OR) after the item I know that list is just for those two states. Don’t laugh. It’s easy to have a dozen search going.

Downside: Needs Q&A section and a much better tutorial video. Author goes way, way too fast for a newbie. Why not make it a 5 minute video and cover everything…slowly. And don’t use phrases like “hierarchical.” Just say ordered by rank.

I’m giving it 5 for what it can do…after you teach yourself. But it would be so simple to explain WHY it’s so good in the video. The dude would sell a heckuva lot more apps. He should have a lady do the tutorial who doesnt live and breathe the app every day. e.g. I can’t find anywhere where it shows you how to select specific states or cities. Answer: Command button then click. The Q&A could simply be the written version of the video.

Good, not yet great

Has some usability issues. Marking and hiding are not intuitive nor menu items, just contextual meniu items. Searches aren't mutually exclusive. Search is very literal: "camera" doesn't match "cameras" - you have to construct your own regular expression to match plurals. New listings are marked with a blue dot, but if you leave the search list, or if the auto-reresh kicks in while you are looking at new items in a search list, you get bounced up to the top level and the new listings are no longer marked as "new". The sort order is somewhat random, too, so the items are not listed in the same order once they are no longer marked as new.

But on the whole, it's a useful and usable app. It would be great if the quirks could be fixed, and some filtering put in place so that an item shows up in only one search instead of in multiple searches that happen to hit.

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  • Category: Lifestyle
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  • Version: 2.0.14
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  • Language: English
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later

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