Daily Kitten offers you your own cat; it's just for you. It can do anything as long you take care of it. Caress it, feed it, teach it to stay clean, play with it, put it to sleep ... you can accompany it in its dreams, dress it up the way you like and make it purr when you stroke it. To make a long story short, it's your new companion and you help it grow and have a lot of fun.

- Play over 10 mini-games while playing with your animal pet. You can earn gold and emerald to buy him stuff.
- You can interact with your cat by taping on the screen, he will came to you to receive some petting... so cute !
- Take care of an adorable pet !
- The game is cut in 10 days. Each day your kitten grows up and can use new toys and stuffs !
- You can take pictures of your adorable cat to share it with your friends !
- Give food to your own kitten, play ball of wool, play with a lasersight, help him to scratch his nails in cat tree, like a true kitten !
- This kitten is really realistic, you can watch him live in your house, he will move around and play with everything
- Show at your friends how your kitten is beautiful !
- Make fun with your little animal and take care of it ! You can deguise him with a lot of stuff !
- There is different mission during the game. would you be able to finish everything?

Daily Kitten is available in french, english, spanish, german, chinese, japanese, turkish and russian.

What's New

Version 2.6.4

- New Shop with 70 items for your kittens
- More days to play with your lovely pet
- Second Kitten are now available for less
- bugs fixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5

625 Ratings

625 Ratings

Great potential


I love the graphics and sound effects. The games are fun and I like watching my pet grow! I do have a few issues though, some of which I suspect are just glitches. The first is that I'm challenged to bid 12 stars at the slot machine but there is ZERO functionality to change your bet from five stars. I've tried everything. The second is that one of my challenges is to get 10,000 points in the bell dream which is IMPOSSIBLE. I would like to be able to skip or cancel challenges that I can't complete so they don't take up space. I don't mind "paying" coins or emeralds to do so. Also with two cats, there's a lot of glitches with changing focus between them, or them leaping over each other. Sometimes they're asleep and it still gives me access to their needs. Weird! Finally, and this is a deal breaker for me if this is not in the works to be changed. WHY IS ANIMAL ABUSE AN OPTION? First time I played this game, I went to tap on the cat to see if there were options, and I walloped her in the face. Considering I created this cat in loving memory of one I owned in real life, that was really upsetting. It happens sometimes by accident too. PLEASE remove this option. It doesn't do anything! It's not like it's disciplinary (which still wouldn't make it okay). It's literally there just to upset me. Please remove.

Nice but needs an update


Enjoying the app and kittens are cute, very lifelike and act like real animals. Good visuals, touch interaction and simple but fun games and activities.

That said the app has some major problems and badly needs an update. Some I've experienced:

1. I can't get past Day40. No updates, new activities, etc

2. No updates so nothing new to work with. I have 2 basic games to play with my cats, 2 to play when they're asleep, and that's it. I'm racking up money and treasure but nothing new to spend on except some accessories, and I can't buy a new collar everyday just for the sake of spending money. More games, toys, better food, etc would be great.

3. The app is buggy. Stops in the middle of activities, percentage gauges don't work sometimes even though I use my food and litter privileges, etc. Sound stopped working early on. I've had to send cats to the litterbox 2-3 times in a row to get the percentage to work ok.

4. Time is completely off. Sometimes I feed and bathe the cats and come back 1-2 hours later and they're already in need of food and smelly. Sometimes I can check in 1-2 times a day and they're fine. I wake up to find them starving sometimes even though I fed them right before going to bed.

5. My 2 cats exist in separate worlds and I can't get them to even acknowledge each other let alone play together. When the cross paths one cat spins in the air like a sci-fi movie time warp. I can only play games with one at a time.

Pretty good not great

Acl iOS user

My daughter started playing this game and needed emeralds and wanted me to pay $5. So I decided to play and get her some for free. It is pretty cute. Only the second kitten bathroom and food never go up then when I take it to the bathroom or feed it the percentage just keeps going down. It's pretty annoying. In your update it would be nice if we could easily switch between kittens, as of now it's like impossible. I would also like the option to have more than 2 kittens. This is the only game I have seen that limits your animals like this. The same exact ones and nothing new will get worn out and people will stop playing the game. Also the kittens are up for like 5 minutes at a time then want to go back to sleep for 2 hours. That's not much of a game if you ask me. It would be nice to see them awake for longer without having to pay emeralds for it, that's just a rip off. My cat who is like 75 in cat years stays awake longer than these kittens do.


Honikou Games
197.6 MB
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2015 Honikou Games
In-App Purchases
  1. 50 emeralds $1.99
  2. 120 emerald ! $3.99
  3. 250 emeralds ! $7.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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