Do you struggle to get your data in just the right format for your particular database systems?

Does your spreadsheet app only support a few thousand rows before it slows to a crawl?

Do you want to copy tables out of your web browser and reformat them quickly?

Now those problems are solved, with Data Prepper!

Data Prepper lets you split text files into lines and columns, and then run a job to skip, trim, replace, reformat, rearrange, and join the lines and columns.

You can...
- Skip, trim, replace, and join lines
- Trim whitespace, strings, or characters in columns
- Replace strings or regular expressions in columns
- Reformat dates, times, and numbers
- Rearrange columns
- Join columns
- Set the number of columns to include
- Combine multiple files in to one output file
- Supports Tab-delimited, Pipe-delimited, CSV, and other file formats
- Extensive logging shows issues with each input file in the job

Data Prepper can be used for many important tasks, such as:
- Preparing text files before importing into a database
- Making tables from data scraped from the internet
- Reformat dates, times, and numbers the way you prefer
... and much more!

And if you just want to copy data out of one app, rearrange it or reformat it, and paste it into another, then try the included Clipboard Data window!

The Clipboard Data window lets you split text that you copied from another app onto the macOS Clipboard and split it into lines and columns. Then you can...
- Trim, replace, or fill cells
- Add lines and columns
- Move lines and columns around
- Merge lines and columns
... and perform many other operations!

If you get file feeds from a vendor, or need to reformat data before inserting it into a spreadsheet, or need to extract only a few columns and rearrange them before inserting them in a database, then Data Prepper will come in handy.

Computer professionals who are deluged with data can now use Data Prepper and save a lot of time!

What's New

Version 3.2

Now you can rerun jobs from the Clipboard Data window:
1. Refresh, split, perform operations, and join
2. Save the job
3. Open the Previous Jobs window
4. Select the job and press "Perform Operations"

This powerful new feature can be used to simplify repeated tasks.

Other improvements:
- The Clipboard Data window has a green background to make it easier to distinguish from the Data Prepper window
- The windows are restored to their previous positions when the app closes
- Each window can be opened and used without the others open.
- Each window has a Keyboard Shortcut
- Bug fixes

Important changes:
- The "Set Number of Columns" operation has been broken down into the "Set Initial Number of Columns" and "Set Final Number of Columns" operations. This lets you set the number of columns in the output file after all operations, including Rearrange and Join Columns. Please see the Help for more information.
- The "Set Initial Number of Columns" operation now occurs after the Line operations. This lets you skip a number of lines before setting the initial number of columns.

Ratings and Reviews


Great App for Simple Data Cleaning

I’ve been looking for an app like this for a while. My plan is to clean up a very messy csv file that I need to analyze each week then visualize the data with Tableau Software. Thankfiully Data Prepper removes the manual cleanup and the need for using a complex ETL tool.

I sent a few questions into the developer via the support form on their website, but it looks like the form is broken. Please fix the support form :)

Michael 0075

Powerful and Useful

This application is very useful for modifying CSV files. By learning about Regular Expressions, you can significantly modify existing data to the format that you need column by column. The Previous Jobs window is extremely useful for repeated tasks.


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