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Desktopr is simple way to extend your desktop with any content you can even imagine.

With Desktopr you can set any website, quartz composition, flash movie or other content as your desktop background.

Imagine your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or favorite blog or magazine as a background of your desktop. You can switch currently showed content from desktop level to front anytime from menu bar and start browsing immediately.

All content items (websites / animations / movies / …) are easy configurable and for all of them may be set specific duration from 10 seconds to unlimited. Count of content items is unlimited.

Youtube and Vimeo movies are played in fullscreen automatically (optional).

Flash or other plugins can be optionally disabled.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.0.5

- added sandboxing & improved 10.7 compatibility
- several bug fixes
- new websites added

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Reseñas de clientes

I think I like this app, but...

I'm giving this app 4 stars. As with other reviewers, it will be worthy of my fifth star when multiple monitor support is added. I have a couple of issues though…

1) I'm stuck on a white screen. I attempted to point the application to a localhost file on my machine (that feeds from a DropBox folder) and it wouldn't open. I removed all of the other sites from the application settings and am now unable to get to the application settings when launching the app. My options when clicking the menubar icon are always [Activate Desktopr] or [Quit Desktopr]. No matter how many times I click [Activate Desktopr], I remain on a white screen with no new option to enter settings. I have uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed twice to no avail.

2) Both the [Developer Website] and [Desktopr Support] links above direct me to the developer Facebook page. I have no Facebook account and no intention to start one to receive support for this application.

(Yes, I'm the one guy under 50 who doesn't have a Facebook account. I'm a web developer and have plenty of friends - maybe it's my small way of being a hipster or something…)

Once bugs are fixed I

What it does for you is very useful - simply displays a webpage or file as your Desktop. The problem is the app isn't all that reliable. Specifically the refresh timer settings just don't take. I've tried so many times to set it to refresh every 10 minutes... instead I either get no refresh for hours at a time, or I get them rapidly one after another. Just can't win.

In my case I am using Desktopr as a study tool. I have it set to a webpage of randomly generated Japanese vocabulary lists. It's a great way to get exposure to new words while I use my computer as normal. However, if it's refreshing too frequently I don't have enough time to review the words. And if it's refreshing too seldomly I don't learn anything new. I hope the developer fixes this soon.

Lots of potential, needs some polish...

The concept behind this app is great, but its execution leaves a few things lacking. In my particular case, this meant:

- Needs multi-monitor support. Currently it will only function on the primary monitor. Users with multiple displays will often want this on a secondary screen to display useful info while using the primary display for something else.
- Ugly status bar icon. Should use a standard grayscale icon like almost everything else does. A minor annoyance, but still.
- When using "transparent mode," CSS transitions appear to be choppy/unstable. This is probaly a difficult fix, but in my case it was a dealbreaker.

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  • Categoría: Estilo de vida
  • Actualizado:
  • Versión: 1.0.5
  • Tamaño: 1.1 MB
  • Idioma: Inglés
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Compatibilidad: OS X 10.7 o posterior

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