You will have understood: Dial-911 is a game, an application, developed to entertain throughout the day. The principle ? Slip into the shoes of a 911 central dispatcher and save your population. Your mission : send out the relevant emergency vehicles depending on the problem you have to face. So much for the broad lines. Obviously and thankfully, practice is far more complex, and, as a fact, much more entertaining!

First download the application. As indicated above, it is free. All done? In these case, we can get down to business. Once registered in due form, the time will have come for you to choose the camp in which you want to work. Two choices are available: working with the police or the emergencies. Say you decided to start your new adventure with the police. Mission accomplished ? Very good. Next step : build your first barrack. « Fine, but where should I establish it? « . In short, you’re spoiled for choice! The map appears before you. Choose the town you wish!

And now you can start playing! Your task? Wait for a mission to be reported to you, and send out the necessary help. » Missions ? What kinds of missions? « . Homicide, burglary, felony, neighborhood conflicts, shooting … Depending on the difficulty, you will be asked to send the appropriate number of vehicles. » Cars ? « . Yes, it would be difficult to save anyone without transport, woudn’t it ?!

You will find the number of available vehicles in the details of your building. You can improve your building. It will allow you to buy more vehicles and recruit more staff. » Staff ? « . Of course ! How would you rescue people without agents ?!

If the number of cars and agents is enough to control the situation, your mission is a success. However, be careful, your team may needs reinforcements!

Successful missions earn you money, which allows you to invest in new equipment (buildings, cars, trucks, etc …).

The more you earn, the higher your level gets. The choice of equipment will expand along with the time you spend on your game! Understood?

What's New

Version 2.14

Thank you for playing Dial-911 Simulator !

Changelog for 2.14 version:
- Function resolution based on departure time rather than arrival
- New "special" missions
- Alliance redeem
- Smaller delay between missions
- Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

3.5 out of 5

33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Fun Game

Hackett USMC

Really fun game. Needs a little more work. Unit response time is really slow to high priority calls. When multiple alliances are joined together you should be able to help each other out. Replace the Sheriff car with something that is more useable. Build times need to be reduced drastically. For units and buildings. Also staff hire times need to be cut down a lot. It would be great if you could help your alliance members a lot more. For example if all calls show up and you can help each other out with any call instead of just when they need reinforcements. I have a good bit of friends that play this game with me and 5 in an alliance to start out is not enough. Open it up a bit more maybe like 10 to start with. Cut down the wait on alliance missions to. 30 minutes between doing them would make it a lot better. My friends and I play this game everyday and enjoy it very much just needs some tweaking. It has potential to be amazing.

Great game!


It's fun and addicting, but it still needs some work. Pretty cool that you can create a department anywhere! My only 2 complaints: #1. it takes the same amount of time to respond to a call as it does to return to a station. It is realistic drive times though, as in, if you followed the speed limit. Also, cop cars are the same speed as fire trucks. #2 Golf cart paths. I constantly get calls on a golf course near one of my stations, it takes 15 minutes to respond to those calls because it only connects to the road in 1 spot. Miles away from where my station is.

If you aren't getting calls it's probably something you're doing wrong, but there is game chat with plenty of people that help. I don't see how this game has a 2 star rating. Yes it starts off slow, but once you add on to stations, or build new, and get more equipment, the calls get bigger, and there are more of them. It's great!

Needs more updates, but it's a great start.


Here are changes I would make, whichever branch you choose at start you get one fully operational large station available to place on map with two operational vehicles. No build time and call outs start instantly to keep the super impatient players interested. Truck speeds need to be a bit faster from the get go and then "upgradable" as levels etc progress and also the "response area needs to get larger as levels increase. Realism may dictate that a player in a small town only has one fire station and responses can be very far away vs a city player that would opt to build 2-3 of each station. Also consider modifying call out types. Rubbish fire, dumpster fire, etc. call box fire, bale of straw fire etc kinda dumb especially in big city areas. I was a real 911 operator for many years. Realism will make this game take off even more. Otherwise great work so far.


102.4 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
In-App Purchases
  1. 100 notes $1.99
  2. 500 notes $7.99
  3. 1000 notes $14.99


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