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Disk Art

By Clean Cut Code

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Disk Art scans your computer and shows a colorful and interactive map that helps you find large unwanted files. You can easily collect these unwanted files and remove them to save disk space.

Disk Art uses innovative technology to present an artistic view of your disk that makes it extremely easy to spot big files.

• Tuned to scan your disks as fast as possible
• Color files by type to easily find archives
• Beautiful animated interface
• An almost artistic presentation of your Disk!


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Customer Reviews

Competent and effective, good for power users

While the UI could use some polish, this app gets the job done and it does it well and without bloat. If your goal is to find out which files/folders are consuming a lot of space, this is a great tool. It scans a whole subtree quickly (seems like about as fast as Finder's "get info" does and that just reports total size), and once it scans it, everything is in memory and quick to navigate.

Some of the competing apps will only look at an entire disk. This one lets you start at any specific folder. Some of the competing apps only show you categories like "Music" vs "Photos". This one lets you drill down into subdirectories and leaves you to figure out what's where. Some of the competing apps have fancy spiral graphs of space used. This one forsakes that fluff for clear rectangles whose area is proportional to the size on disk (but aren't going to win any design contests).

In essence, this is more of a power tool for more sophisticated users. If you don't know what "package contents" are or don't know that your home directory is actually in /Users/yourname, then there are other tools that will hold your hand and provide more of an "answer" for you. If you are a power user, then this tool will not give you an answer -- it will give you data, and ultimately that's what you really need to make real decisions.

A good cometitor after a few basic feature.

Being a user of the more mature free product GrandPerspective, it is impossible for me to not compare Disk Art against it. Immediately I was struck with an important feature in GrandPerspective that are missing from Disk Art: GrandPerspective allows you to reveal a file or folder in the Finder so that you can further analyze its contents before marking it for deletion. Additionally, I would like to see a way to re-scan the currently viewed directory.

But it isn't all bad. While I generally prefer GrandPerspective's all-file view because it lets one find the large problem files quickly and easily, I sometimes find it a bit overwhelming to process. This is especially true of application bundles, which should be thought of atomically. Disk Art's drill-down paradigm makes it a lot easier to see which applications and directories are the problem ones at any given level. As a result, I was able to spot some directories of smallish files that were problematic, that I never noticed in GrandPerspective.

All in all it is a solid 1.0.0 offering that does well the features that it has included. Thus I feel that it was worth the 99 cents I paid for this app to use as a nice compliment to GrandPerspective. But to be worth its proposed $4.99 full price, it needs additional analysis tools and convenience functionality.

Feedback on UI

This is great app, I think I will use one day to check hardrive data usage.

There are few things I would like to sugest

1. I wish this app had left sidebar always visible on the left side for easy disk selection. Something like Disk Utility has. It was not clear to me how to go back, yes I was able to find bottom folder path navigation but its not very intuitive and easy to find.

2. Arrow to navigate back or maybe even two (inspiration iTunes, adobe bridge,app store)

3. It would be great to see hard disk empty space in visual bar just like you have in root folder view. This would give at least a better visual idea on how much space there is left when you want to see by proportion of the files on the disk.

4. I could not find option to reveal visual folders in finder. What if I just wan to delete.

5. Drag and drop foldr on Disk Art icon. Then it would be great to see info on this folder.

Looking forward for improvements :-)

Disk Art
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  • Version: 1.0
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

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