Instant inspiration - whenever you need it.

If you’ve seen films like The Secret, you know the power affirmations and the law of attraction have when it comes to making your dreams real. This app helps you get there, a lot faster.

Remember a time when you felt on top of the world - when there were no limits to your creativity and everything seemed possible. It’s an amazing state to be in. However, sometimes that feeling seems out of reach. And no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get it back.

Well, imagine if you had someone by your side who constantly reminds you of your dreams, goals, hopes, ambitions, strengths, inspirations - who helps you see new angles and empowers you to get exactly where you want to go in life.

This magic app does just that. It asks you thought provoking questions about what really matters to you in your life to help you get clarity and see the big picture. All you do is answer the questions. It remembers all your hopes and dreams and memories, everything that inspires you, everything that fills you with creativity and energy - and then it throws it back at you when you least expect it to give you that extra push and motivation whenever you need it.

The Dream Life Coach app:

* Asks you powerful questions that give you new creative ways to think about life.
* Jolts you from tired and down to completely supercharged and enthusiastic in minutes.
* Leverages the law of attraction so you can manifest your dreams much faster and easier.
* Turns proven self help techniques into simple action steps that you can use right away.
* Speaks directly to your subconscious by using your own words, thoughts and desires to empower you.
* Reminds you about everything that is truly important to you so it’s always fresh in your mind.
* Lets you get rid of bad habits and reinforce good ones so you can take charge of your life.
* Keeps track of all your dreams and goals for you so you can reach them much faster.
* Coaches you to get motivated and inspired whenever you need it, in your own words.
* Helps you get rid of procrastination by focusing on exactly what matters most to you.
* Gives you the power of momentum so you can stay in the flow and finally get stuff done.
* Reminds you of all those lines from books and movies that made a huge impact on you personally.
* Helps you overcome your fears and doubts so you are free to get the most out of life.
* Takes advantage of positive creative visualization to get you exactly where you want to go.
* Gives you complete clarity in life so you can spend your time doing what you love.
* Boosts your self image to a state where you are free to truly be yourself, without limits.

You can tell the app thousands of things: what you want out of life, stuff you truly value, things that make you feel grateful, places you want to go, new things to discover, adventures to be had, powerful memories that had an empowering effect on your life. It will remember all of it, even when you don't. And then it reminds you of all the things that matter to you - mixed in with thought provoking questions and lots of brand new ways of looking at life. The more you use it, the more it evolves and the more dramatic the effect becomes. It’s lateral thinking at its best.

When you see your thoughts again in this way, you'll be astounded by the effect. For example, think of a powerful passage you read in a book once that supercharged you with energy and creativity. Then imagine seeing it again, years later, how the exact same feeling comes back to you and wakes you up instantly. It can be truly life-changing. That’s what this app gives you: instant inspiration, whenever you want.

Use it daily, and watch your world change!

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Not worth the money, the app asks you 1 sentence questions and your supposed to write/text out an answer. No inspiration, just a person looking to make this app for a quick buck.


Martin Franzen
23.7 MB
Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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