Easy CSV Editor is one of the best editors for CSV and TSV data files you'll find on the market. In a clean and user-friendly interface, it offers simplicity and flexibility to edit both small and large documents.


• Open, create, edit and save CSV & TSV documents even if they are not properly formatted, like don't have the same number of fields in each row!
• Split documents by number of rows or document size. This is available from "File -> Split..." and you can even configure if the newly created documents will be saved on disk or opened in the application.
• Sort the entire document or a range of rows, based on multiple sorting rules.
• Merge or split the selected cells or even entire columns.
• Fill the selected cells using text of your choice.
• Find and Replace text using a familiar, yet powerful, interface.
• Find and Replace is supported in the entire document as well as in selected columns/rows/cells. To search in your desired range you right click on the selection and choose "Find in" menu item or click the "search" image in the find bar and then access the options from "Find In" submenu.
• Find also lets you configure where in the cells' text to look for matches: "Contains", "Equals To", "Starts With" and "Ends With".
• Use "Clear" menu item to "cut" the last fields from a row (or even entire rows!). This way you can produce beautiful documents, without the usual clutter produced by the in excess field separators.
• Auto-detect CSV format, while providing you the option to adjust the detected parameters.
• Select a group of cells to copy, cut or clear. This is in addition to selecting entire rows and columns!
• Full support for Undo & Redo.
• Copy & Paste data between Easy CSV Editor and other applications (i.e. Excel, Numbers). Works the other way around, too!
• Text transformations which allow you to cleanup and beautify your documents.
• Customize the font used to display the CSV data. You can even increase or decrease the font size per document window (from "View" menu). These changes are persisted between application relaunches!
• You can configure, from "Preferences" -> "General" tab, whether or not you want to be prompted for CSV input properties each time you open a file that has been opened before. If you choose to not be prompted then the application will use the last known properties for that file to open it.
• Status bar at the bottom of the CSV window. On the left it shows the following: number of rows, columns and cells, either for the entire document or for the selection. Also shows the number of cells which are empty and nonempty. On the right, it shows a calculation performed on the selected cells. You can choose one of the following calculations: Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count Numbers.


• Customize the CSV properties when the document is saved.
• Quickly visualize and change the properties of an opened document - just hit Command + I or tap "Inspector" button in the toolbar.
• Use first row from the CSV as table's header.
• Drag & Move entire columns and rows.
• Change the width of individual columns by dragging the column separators.
• Double click the column separator so the column to the left to resize its width to fit the content.
• Add rows or columns, via existing shortcuts or menu items, to the left/right/up/down of selection.
• Insert copied rows/columns above or below the selection.
• Quickly jump to a row (Command + L).
• Quickly jump to the cells which are selected (Command + J).
• Quickly move, via existing shortcuts or menu items, to document's left/right/top/bottom margin.
• Preferences - among other things you can change the visibility of gridlines, headers, footers and line numbers.
• Print - among other things you can customize if the headers and line numbers are printed or not.
• Full screen support.
• Tabs support on macOS Sierra 10.12 and above - hit Command + T to create a new tab in the current window.
• Dark Mode support on macOS Mojave 10.14

What’s New

Version 1.26

• Adds one more calculation to the status bar. This is "Count Non Numbers" and, as its name implies, counts how many cells, which don't contain a number, are in the selection.
• Adds support to pad the text from the cells. This is available from "Table" -> "Pad..." (or by right clicking the selected cells and choosing "Pad...")and you may choose between padding to the left or right, if the padding will be done to a custom maximum length or to the maximum length from each column.

Bug fixing
• Fixes an issue where the content would start to scroll when you move the window or scroll in another document.

Introduced in Version 1.25

• Improves the experience when editing a document having a header: you may delete all rows and you may add new rows or columns if there are no rows.

Bug fixing
• Fixes an issue where the cells would get unselected while selecting two or more cells with Shift + mouse click.
• Fixes a crash which happened when selecting all rows to the end by dragging the mouse.
• Fixes a crash which happened when clicking the gray area where the row numbers would show up in a CSV document which has only a header.
• Fixes a couple of crashes reported by Crashlytics.

Introduced in Version 1.24

Bug fixing
• Fixes an issue where the calculations from he status bar would produce incorrect results if more than 2000 rows are selected.
• Fixes the first letter typed in a cell when the input source/language is an asian or arabic one.
• The screen containing the encoding list is now properly displayed in dark mode.

Introduced in Version 1.23

• Adds support to split the current CSV document into multiple documents. This is available from "File" -> "Split..." and you can choose between splitting based on number of rows in each document or based on size of each document. Additionally, you can choose if the CSV header, if any, will be added to each document and if the documents will be created as files on disk or as documents in the application.
• Appearance/Theming can be customized from "Preferences" -> "View" tab -> "Appearance". Available only from macOS 10.14, you can choose between "Respect System Setting", "Light" and "Dark".
• Adds support to invert the current selection. This is available by using "Edit" -> "Invert Selection" and can be applied when entire rows or entire columns are selected.
• Adds one more action you can perform on the matches of "Find". This is "Select All Rows NOT Containing Matches" and is available in the find bar (Command + F), by clicking the gear/cogwheel button.
• The column labels can now be displayed as numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), offering an alternative to the alphabetical form which already exists. You can choose which style to use from "Preferences" -> "View" tab -> "Column labels"
• Increases the maximum number of fraction digits, for the results shown in the status bar, from 3 digits to 14 digits.
• You can now disable the sending of crash reports and analytics from "Preferences" -> "General" tab.

Introduced in Version 1.22

Bug fixing
• Fixes a very edge case of parsing CSV files containing NULL characters. Instead of the parsing being prematurely aborted because of the NULL character, this will continue until the very end of the file.
• Fixes a crash which sometimes happened when pasting data in multiple selected cells.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
18 Ratings
18 Ratings
cmugrick ,

Moving Excel documents to Filemaker Pro

I am a FileMaker Pro person in an Excel world. I hate it when someone sends me an Excel spreadsheet as a report with headers and footers, rows and columns and extra chunks of text that I don’t need. Easy CVS Editor lets me clean up the data and remove unwanted formatting, unneeded text, rows or columns. I save the Excel Spread sheet as .csv and open it in Easy CSV Editor. Then edit out the information I don’t need. FileMaker Pro can then import the data for me to use. The process works very well and I can bring the information into FileMaker Pro with out a lot of hassle.

If you are doing OCR from a document with lots of tabs, Easy CSV Editor could also help keep your columns in line.

Developer Response ,

cmugrick, glad to hear you find Easy CSV Editor useful! And thank you for the review and rating. If there is any improvement you'd like to see, don't hesitate to write me (at

Petezger ,

Very useful

I use Google Sheets for my spreadsheet work because I find it allows me to work more quickly than I can in Excel. But Google Sheets doesn’t handle large files. All of the reports I download have rows and columns that can be eliminated with no significant loss of information, and, once reduced, they can be imported into Google Sheets. That’s what I use Easy CSV for. Easy CSV has handled the largest files I use, and its clean interface and speedy Find, Sort, and Delete functions (compared to Excel) make it a great tool for slimming down unweildy files. An added benefit of paring down the files is that it makes it easier to analyze them visually.

Developer Response ,

Petezger, thank you for the review and the rating! I'm happy to hear that you like the application and you find it useful. If there is anything else you would like to see in the app, don't hesitate to contact me (

charliebay ,

Efficient, effective tool for quickly working with CSVs

I work with CSV files a lot when doing data analysis. I often need to quickly open a file, rearrange columns, search/replace values, and so on. Spreadsheet tools like Numbers or Google Sheets are too heavy for these tasks, with UIs overly cluttered for the task at-hand. Easy CSV Editor, on the other hand, lets me quickly and painlessly work with CSV files without getting in the way.

It’s well worth the cost. In fact, I probably saved more many than I paid (in time saved at work) in the first few days of using it.

Developer Response ,

charliebay, thank you for the review! I’m so glad you find the application useful and it brings value to you. If there is anything that you feel can help even more (and it’s missing), please don’t hesitate to write me at


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