Get shutter actuations count of your Canon EOS camera!

EOS Inspector displays a shutter actuations count of your Canon EOS camera, so you can easily check whether a newly purchased camera is really brand new, or how heavily used a secondhand item is. You can avoid a visit to a service center by doing the diagnostic yourself.


Device Overview
Important details about your camera, such as serial number, battery charge level, possible shots and firmware version are presented as soon as you connect your camera via USB cable.

Shutter Actuations Info
EOS Inspector displays a shutter actuations count along with a shutter’s rated lifespan (that varies from camera to camera) so you can easily see the percent of its wear. For modern EOS cameras Live View related actuations are also displayed.
For newer cameras you’ll get even more! Most EOS cameras released since 2015 (such as the 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV and 5DS) provide more details on shutter’s usage. You’ll get separate values for photos taken through the viewfinder, photos taken via the Live View and a number of Live View sessions. All these values are presented visually on the detalization bar.

Customisation of User Fields
Depending on a concrete model, Canon EOS cameras support up to three user-customizable fields that are used to populate metadata of your photos. EOS Inspector gives you a convenient way to change owner, author and copyright settings of your camera.


One-click camera report sharing
Easily share a report that contains a summary information about your camera such as serial number and detailed shutter actuations info.

65 cameras supported
EOS Inspector is tested and confirmed to be working with 65 Canon EOS cameras, including the recent ones like 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV and 5DS.

One-time purchase
After a one-time purchase you get a full-featured app without any implied restrictions. There are also no in-app purchases and no limits on a number of shutter count readings.


Buying or selling a camera online?
Use EOS Inspector to determine whether or not the camera that is listed as new is really brand new or estimate/verify the value of a previously used item.

Running a camera rent shop?
Use EOS Inspector to track different cameras usage to predict failures and estimate costs related to shutter mechanism replacement in future.


EOS Inspector supports shutter information retrieval from the following Canon EOS cameras:

1D X, 1D X Mark II, 1D C, 5DS, 5DS R, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 6D, 6D Mark II, 7D, 7D Mark II, 40D, 50D, 60D, 60Da, 70D, 77D, 80D, 100D, 200D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 750D, 760D, 800D, 1000D, 1100D, 1200D, 1300D, 8000D, 9000D;

Rebel SL1, SL2, XS, XSi, T1i, T2i, T3, T3i, T4i, T5, T5i, T6, T6i, T6s, T7i;

Kiss X2, X3, X4, X5, X6i, X7, X7i, X8i, X9, X9i, F, X50, X70, X80;

Consider visiting our tech specs page for a more convenient table of supported cameras with additional information related to Live View actuations:


Make sure that Wi-Fi is disabled if you have a Wi-Fi capable camera (such as EOS 6D and 70D). Active Wi-Fi interface completely disables camera’s USB communication abilities.

Make sure that no other application on your Mac is trying to access the camera at the same time. Look for Image Capture, Aperture, Lightroom, EOS Utility and so on. Simultaneous access has unpredictable behaviour — both applications may not work properly.

Questions/problems? Please visit our support page:

What's New

Version 2.0.0

• the app was re-implemented from scratch using the brilliant Swift language
• support for the modern Canon EOS cameras (such as the 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV and 5DS) has been added
• Live View related shutter actuations are displayed when possible
• shutter count is shown along shutter’s rated lifespan so you can see the percent of its wear
• for selected EOS cameras separate values for photos taken through the viewfinder, photos taken via the Live View and a number of Live View sessions are presented on the detalization bar
• value fields are made selectable so you can easily extract the data you need
• sharing menu allows you to quickly share the most valuable details about you camera
• it’s now possible to edit the owner, author and copyright settings of your camera
• the issue with serial numbers sometimes being shown as negative values has been fixed (though it’s not our fault from very beginning — it’s actually a long-lasting bug in Canon EOS firmware)

Ratings and Reviews

Partially Works with Canon 7D


The shutter count appears to be correct. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s easy to use. All good things. However, the serial number is displayed incorrectly. Comes up as a negative number instead of a the actual number. I feel like this should be fixed, given that it’s a paid application. If the 7D is listed as a compatible camera, all the information should be correct. Or, there should be an * with exceptions. That’s not quite on the up and up, far as I’m concerned.

This app would be 5 stars were it not for that. Seems like a small thing, but the app is $2 and it doesn’t do anything except Serial, Shutter Activations and Firmware Version. 2 out of 3 correct isn’t quite enough. Given that, I would probably still buy it over again because the shutter count does seem to work. It’s just good to know what you’re getting, though.

Also of note, I had to power cycle my camera to get the shutter count to update properly. Quitting the app, unplugging the camera from USB and re-plugging and re-opening were not enough. Just an FYI tidbit.

Developer Response

Thank you for the objective review! The issue with serial numbers sometimes being shown as negative values is finally fixed in the latest version (v2.0.0).

Worked Perfectly


I was worried because of the negative reviews, however I had wasted about two hours with different Windows utilities and other nonsense trying to get shutter counts on my 5Dmkii and 7D. I figured I would gamble the $2 price. This utility works PERFECTLY and gave me exatly what I wanted, and exactly what several other methods failed to do.

I was, hower, careful to check the list of supported cameras on the publisher’s website (or read reviews of camers that have worked). I see a lot of people trying this app with older cameras that are not supported. If your camera is on the list of supported cameras, this program will work and it works very well.

Worked perfectly for my Canon 7D and 5D MII


Very useful and easy to install app, perfect for professionals like myself who depend on equipment working flawlessly time and time again. It took me less than a minute from finding this app to reading the shutter count on my cameras. The EOS Inspector worked great for my Canon 7D and my Canon 5D Mark II. I also checked my older back up camera, the original Canon 5D, but it would not read any information from that model. I would buy this app again.


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